Dayton wants undocumented-immigrant driver’s licenses as part of Real ID bill

MinnPost photo by Greta Kaul
Gov. Mark Dayton

Just in case you thought “Real ID” was a done deal … The Pioneer Press’ Rachel E. Stassen-Berger drops this bombshell: “Gov. Mark Dayton wants to enable undocumented immigrants to get Minnesota driver’s licenses and he wants the Legislature’s Real ID bill to help make that happen, he told the Pioneer Press on Tuesday. … As they stand, both the House and Senate measures to bring Minnesota into compliance with the federal Real ID standards would bar the possibility of the administration creating licenses for people in the country illegally. But Dayton said Democrats, particularly in the Senate, can change that. … ‘If they want this window of opportunity, they are going to need to create it,’ Dayton said in an interview. He made that case very clear to Senate Democrats in a private meeting Tuesday evening.”

An all-too-familiar story in this state. Also in the Pioneer Press, Josh Verges writes: “The University of Minnesota has one of the nation’s largest graduation gaps between white and black students, according to a report published Wednesday by the Education Trust. … Fifty-five percent of African-Americans who enrolled at the Twin Cities campus between 2006 and 2008 graduated within six years, the Washington, D.C., education advocacy group said. That compares with 79 percent of white students. … The 23.8 percentage-point gap was the 12th-largest among the 676 public and private four-year institutions reviewed. The national average for an institution was 13.5 percentage points.”

Sounds like there’s a lot more to this story. KSTP’s Jay Kolls reports: “Two Minnesota lawmakers say they want a top state commerce official fired following a judge’s criticism over what she called an ‘unwarranted investigation.’ … Rep. Kelly Fenton, R-Woodbury, and Rep. Tony Albright, R-Prior Lake, wrote a letter to Gov. Mark Dayton outlining their concerns and displeasure with Minnesota Department of Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman. … The two lawmakers cited a recent ruling by Federal Judge Susan Nelson that sharply criticized Rothman’s department for conducting an ‘unwarranted investigation’ into Safelite Auto Glass for its billing practices with insurance companies. ”

It stands for Data-Fueled Losses? The Star Tribune’s J. Patrick Coolican reports: “A group of current and former DFL legislators wrote a letter to party leaders criticizing DFL campaign strategy that they say ‘intentionally ignores many voters and offends others.’ … The 8-page memo obtained by the Star Tribune was signed by 11 sitting lawmakers, including greater Minnesota stalwarts Rep. Paul Marquart and Sen. Kent Eken, but also Metro legislators like Sen. John Marty and Rep. Paul Rosenthal. … The memo to the DFL State Central Committee criticizes the party’s strategy for reaching voters via face-to-face, door-to-door conversations. The DFL is emphasizing data collection and a too-small group of targeted voters at the expense of a broader approach that would try to reach more Minnesotans and in a friendlier fashion, the memo argues through anonymous anecdotes.”

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Jan Arnold on 03/01/2017 - 06:33 pm.

    Real ID

    What additional information is required for a Real ID that is not needed for a regular state driver’s license? What was the objection originally? Why wasn’t this done years ago?

    Since this is required in the US to enter a federal building, fly, whatever else, and only five states do not have it, what is the problem in MN?

    Would like to see article explaining this.

    As far as immigrants having a license I think it would be safer to know who/where they live/have they passed a test, etc then just having anyone with legs long enough to reach the pedals on the road. Hope the unlicensed drivers can all read road signs.

  2. Submitted by Joel Stegner on 03/02/2017 - 01:55 pm.

    Commerce investigation

    Two Republicans want an official fired for doing what they consider an unwarranted investigation of a company’s billing practices.

    I have observed that Republicans only like investigations that they conduct of others in which they have mentally determined guilt before the investigation is concluded. This is not how investigations happen.

    They happen when concerns or complaints are raised. Innocence is assumed until conclusive evidence is guilt is provided, but serious charges should not be denied and dismissed until the evidence is submitted.

    Justice is served whether the people charged or found innocent or guilty. Often investigations help to rewrite the law to make it better fit the real situation.

    Let me use teen sex trafficking as an example. Teens forced into sexual slavery are no longer consider criminals, but victims. One can lighten charges for adult prostitution with two parties consenting with no coersion, but tighten for adult men who prey on teens.

    A call for firing can be justified if the official abused their office, but bringing charges with no finding of guilt is a common outcome of an investigation. Republicans who repeatedly investigated Clinton’s involvement in Benghazi found nothing. It could be suggested that it was a political show trial. Even so, there were no calls for them to resign their seats.

    In fact, why are these two representatives calling for this firing. Perhaps their motives might be questioned? If you make charges, you may shift the focus to yourself.

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