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Pipeline company’s tax challenge could cost Minnesota counties millions

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A struggling little oil company fights oppressive taxationMike Hughlett of the Strib says, “Enbridge Energy’s massive property tax challenge may end up costing several northern Minnesota counties millions of dollars. In fact, two counties — Clearwater and Red Lake — could end up refunding more money to Enbridge than they raise annually from all of their property tax payers. Enbridge has appealed five years of taxes, claiming the Minnesota Department of Revenue unfairly valued its vast pipeline network, resulting in significantly higher payments.”

At what point did United really think this was a problem? The New York Times’ Liam Stack reports: “United Airlines barred two teenage girls from boarding a flight on Sunday morning and required a child to change into a dress after a gate agent decided the leggings they were wearing were inappropriate. That set off waves of anger on social media, with users criticizing what they called an intrusive, sexist policy, but the airline maintained its support for the gate agent’s decision. The girls, who were about to board a flight to Minneapolis, were turned away at the gate at Denver International Airport, the company said on Sunday. United doubled down on that decision, defending it in a series of tweets on Sunday.”

Where do snow leopards go for a healthy childhood? Barry Amundson of the Forum News Service says, “It took three years, 10 hours of air travel and coordination between three zoos in three different countries, but at last, Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in St. Paul has two new snow leopards. Moutig, a 3-year-old male from ZooParc de Tregomeur in northwestern France, moved to his enclosure in early March and is in the Large Cats exhibit. Alya, a three-year-old female from TierPark Berlin, will join him once she’s a little more acclimated to her environs. Snow leopards are native to the mountainous regions of Central Asia and China. Solitary, active at dawn and dusk and excellently camouflaged for their arid mountain environment, they’re difficult for researchers to track and study.”

Can you read another Southwest LRT story? The AP has this,  “But a nearly $2 billion price tag and a rift between rural and urban interests has kept the project on uncertain footing for years. Republicans have turned the Southwest Light Rail project into a prime example of their potent political strategy highlighting urban and rural divides, arguing rural voters will unfairly be footing part of the bill. … Those subsidies have Republican lawmakers, like Sen. David Osmek, fighting the project. The Mound lawmaker said he and many other lawmakers think other infrastructure needs in the state are more critical.

Your tax dollars at work. Says Dave Orrick in the PiPress, “The investigation into Woody Kaine — the son of former Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine — and several other anti-Trump protesters remains ‘active,’ according to the Ramsey County attorney’s office. The office wants ‘any and all witnesses’ to come forward — and said it won’t be swayed by politics, according to a statement released by prosecutors Friday.”

It’s a personal thing, but I preferred zombies. Says Jess Fleming for the PiPress, “Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den in North Minneapolis has closed, but owner Leslie Bock is reopening the cocktail bar and giving it another oddball name — Mr. Steven’s Snuggery. The bar will be converted to an ‘adult drinkertainery … heavy on the adult content,’ according to a news release. The bar will feature R-rated language, themes and art and will be a place ‘where conversation and quibbling is encouraged among friends, strangers and your new favorite enemy.’” A bar with R-rated language?! This country has lost its moral bearings.

Also in the PiPress, Ruben Rosario has the story of former St. Paul cop Tony Spencer, who retired from the force last year: “Three weeks ago, the married father of four from Woodbury did something as difficult: He testified on behalf of the city in an arbitration hearing involving a fellow cop fired for his role in a controversial, videotaped incident that went national and international.”

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Comments (3)

  1. Submitted by Brian Scholin on 03/27/2017 - 09:50 am.

    Airline Dress Code

    As I understand, the legging girls were traveling on passes from United. Back a few decades ago, I and my family were fortunate enough to be able to travel as “non-revs” on Northwest, due to having an employee in the family. I did not like having to follow the company dress code – suit, tie, etc at the time – but I sure liked paying $19 to fly to Europe, rather than the $800 or so that other passengers paid.

    So don’t waste too much pity on those poor girls who got to fly essentially free, if they followed a few simple rules. I would be happy to dress any way they want me to, to have that privilege again.

    • Submitted by Nick Foreman on 03/27/2017 - 09:59 pm.

      More than a few decades ago – and probably after

      The start of miles. It is a feat when employees get on flights today, undoubtedly not for $19 to fly to Europe. BTW if you are talking about $800 for flying to Europe in that period, you are speaking of first class. Doubtful there was anyone in first class but you. These kids were flying from Denver to Mpls. The old dress code is the last thing you have to worry about getting on a plane non-rev today. LOL

  2. Submitted by Larry Moran on 03/27/2017 - 10:31 am.

    SWLRT Story

    How about one more SWLRT story:

    Seems like the railroad that will be running next to the light rail line in places wants to limit their liability for any accident that might occur in the corridor from Hopkins to downtown Minneapolis. People following this issue have been asking since the beginning about this liability question. Now it seems the legislature wants to help out the railroad and saddle clean up costs (not to mention lives, businesses, and homes that were destroyed) on the taxpayer. Yet another example of how poorly this line has been planned.

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