Report: U officials notified about alleged ‘illegal contact’ by football coach Fleck

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P.J. Fleck

Uh oh. In the Detroit News, Tony Paul reports, “Officials from Western Michigan have contacted Minnesota’s athletic department with concerns football coach P.J. Fleck has had illegal contact with at least one of his former players, a source told The News on Wednesday. The source, in position to know about such conversations, requested anonymity because of the sensitivity surrounding such allegations. NCAA regulations prohibit any contact — whether it’s a recruiting pitch or a ‘happy birthday’ text message — between a coach from one school and an enrolled athlete at another school without written approval from the school which is home to the athlete.”

From WMMT-TV in Michigan, there’s this: “Newschannel 3 has learned that Western Michigan University contacted Minnesota with concerns that Fleck had spoken, not just to [Robert] Spillane, who was given his release from the Broncos football program on Monday, but with other current Western Michigan players. Newschannel 3 has also learned that in response, Minnesota checked the phones of Fleck and his coaching staff. Newschannel 3 has reached out to the Gophers Sports Information Director for confirmation of the investigation and what appears to be the beginnings of a self-reported NCAA violations, but have not heard back from the school.”

The wild thing is that someone thought they could. Says Janet Moore in the Strib, “A legislative resolution that calls for the diversion of nearly $1 billion in federal funds from the Southwest light-rail line to Minnesota road and bridge projects is currently barred by law, according to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Republican legislators introduced a measure at the State Capitol last week asking the U.S. Department of Transportation to funnel $929 million intended for the Southwest light-rail line to a ‘block grant that can be used for other transportation projects’ in Minnesota.” They love them block grants, don’t they?

A PiPress story says, “A record number of Minnesotans were issued permits to carry handguns in 2016, a 59 percent increase over the year before. The 71,156 permits issued this past year were the most issued in a year since the state’s firearms permit laws were implemented in 2003, according to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. There were 44,696 issued in 2015.” I can’t tell you how much safer I feel.

To my knowledge, nothing like this happened at The Galleria. Says Frederick Melo for the PiPress, “Smack Fest, a women’s face-smacking contest, has come back to hit a popular Green Line nightclub where it hurts most — the wallet. Arnellia’s at 1182 W. University Ave. has agreed to give up its liquor license for 10 days in late March. The penalty, negotiated with city officials, stems from a Nov. 4 altercation between two contestants that took place in the bar’s parking lot following the all-female face-smacking contest known as Smack Fest. A woman reported that she was violently assaulted by a fellow competitor and her friends.”

On the Adrian Peterson Watch, Ben Goessling at ESPN writes, “Besides the Raiders, Peterson has already mentioned his initial interest in the New York Giants, Houston Texans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but his list remains fluid. Two sources told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler that the Buccaneers are not expected to aggressively pursue Peterson at this point. Though things could always change, the team still has loose plans for Doug Martin, whom the Buccaneers think looks refreshed and healthy after rehab for substance abuse, according to a source. Speaking to reporters at the combine, Giants coach Ben McAdoo said the team would ‘take a look’ at Peterson.”

Approaching a tipping point, I think. Faiza Mahamud of the Strib writes, “The idea of renaming Minneapolis’ most popular lake is bubbling up again after Yale University struck John C. Calhoun’s name from one of its residential colleges. Citing Yale’s decision last month, some Minneapolis Park Board members are renewing a push to scrap the Lake Calhoun name in favor of Bde Maka Ska, the lake’s Dakota name. Calhoun, the 7th vice president of the United States for whom the lake is named, was an advocate of slavery. While the board previously settled on labeling the lake with both names rather than making an official change, the Park Board has a chance to revisit the idea before finalizing the Calhoun-Harriet master plan this spring.”

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  1. Submitted by Elsa Mack on 03/02/2017 - 09:55 am.

    Renaming the lake

    I am in favor of renaming the lake, but I confess I do not know quite how to pronounce “Bde” at first glance and I suspect that’s a stumbling block for others, as well, since I found this article on MPR about how to say it: I wonder if there’s a way to spell the word so that the pronunciation would be more obvious?

    Based on that article, it looks like “Minne” is actually a weird way of writing “Bdé” — I can imagine a lot of Minnesotans thinking “Lake Minne Maka Ska” was fine…

    Alternately, from that article, it seems the word “bde” actually means “lake” (or water). So Lake “Bde Maka Ska” would be redundant, right, like “shrimp scampi.” Couldn’t we just say “Lake Maka Ska”?

    • Submitted by Roy Everson on 03/02/2017 - 12:54 pm.

      Lake Humphrey

      The humpdome is gone and the airport wing is now Terminal 2. Poor Hubert, a former mayor and veep who advocated for the opposite of slavery, also has a name easy to pronounce.

    • Submitted by Peter Stark on 03/02/2017 - 01:18 pm.

      Better Name

      Just name it Lake Sumner and be done with it.

  2. Submitted by Henk Tobias on 03/02/2017 - 11:20 am.

    Carry Permit

    I wonder how many people who have been targets of hateful rhetoric during the 2016 presidential campaign season have seen fit to arm themselves? I’m one of those who got the carry permit this year and while submitting my application I stood in line with two, what I assumed to be, Somali Muslim men. A friend mentioned seeing what he thought were Somali Muslims as well when he applied. After some of the attacks we’ve seen in the news recently who could blame them?

  3. Submitted by Connie Sullivan on 03/02/2017 - 01:52 pm.

    There’s no tipping point about Lake Calhoun

    It’s just that the area is doing an area park plan and there are some very vocal holier-than-thous around Lake Calhoun who think all white history should be obliterated in Minnesota (and elsewhere). That includes one–count him, one–park board commissioner.

    There are many more important things to do in our world than change the name of a lake that has borne that name since the 1820s, when Calhoun was a federal official.

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