Health of Twin Cities lakes at risk from salt

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Lake Calhoun

Who needs fish and plants? I have to get to Costco. Stribber Josephine Marcotty reports, “Many lakes around the Twin Cities are becoming so salty from winter road maintenance that, within three decades, they will no longer support native fish and plants. The lakes were included in the first study of freshwater chloride contamination across the northern region of the country, an area that has one of the highest density of lakes on earth. The researchers found that lakes showed steadily rising concentrations of chloride even with just one percent impervious land cover around their perimeters.”

Custody dispute preceded murders. Says Mara Gottfried in the PiPress, “Less than an hour before Maria McIntosh and her family were shot, she and the father of her daughter were in a highly emotional phone call — both were screaming and crying over custody of their 18-month-old, said a friend who listened in on the call. Jeffrey Jemaile Taylor, 20, told his friend earlier that his daughter was all he had..”

You can only imagine the stories they tell about this woman in the break room. Jen Wieczner at Fortune has this to say about former Wells Fargo exec Carrie Tolstedt: “Wells Fargo will claw back an additional $75 million from two former executives implicated in the bank’s phony accounts scandal. In doing so, Wells Fargo has also apparently closed the coffin on the career of Carrie L. Tolstedt, who was prized as a superstar female leader before the bank fired her last year. … it’s Tolstedt, who led the community banking division responsible for the fake accounts, who is blamed in the report for the lion’s share of misconduct, while Stumpf is largely faulted only for failing to fire Tolstedt sooner. The language Wells Fargo’s board uses to describe each leader makes this clear. Tolstedt was ‘insular and defensive,’ ‘resistant to change and inflexible’ and ‘obsessed’ with control. the board wrote in the report.” Hmm. Would they say that about a man? 

One of the country’s best business columnists, Michael Hiltzik of the Los Angeles Times says, “The independent investigation report into the Wells Fargo fraudulent account scandal, released early Monday, already is being described as ‘scathing,’ and properly so. On the whole, however, the report deserves a different description: It’s a whitewash. The scathing part applies largely to the report’s treatment of former Wells Fargo executive Carrie Tolstedt and former Chairman and CEO John Stumpf. … A careful reading of the report reveals a board that took months, even years, to get its arms around the scandal despite plenty of warnings about its nature magnitude.”

But then we already know what they say about our old friend Scott Walker, don’t we? Says Chris D’Angelo at The Huffington Post, “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) plans to do away with a nearly century-old, state-run nature magazine, sparking outrage among critics who see it as part of an ongoing anti-environment agenda. Walker’s 2017-2019 budget, which he unveiled in February, calls for suspending publication of Wisconsin Natural Resources next year. The magazine, a product of the state Department of Natural Resources, has kept Wisconsinites informed about hunting and fishing opportunities, species conservation, environmental issues and much more since 1919.” 

Sayonara tax fairness gap. A Strib editorial says, “… the new report shows that the gap in effective tax rates that Dayton decried in 2009 and 2010 was almost gone by 2014. That was a year after Dayton signed into law a new top-tier income tax rate — 9.85 percent … The national Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy ranked Minnesota the fifth-fairest state in the country in 2014 for taxing those at higher incomes at nearly the same effective rate as the poor.” No mention of the biblical exodus of millionaires to South Dakota.

How about an exhibition match against the secretary of education? Says Dennis McGrath in the Strib, “Wesley So added the coveted title of U.S. Chess Champion to his growing list of international super tournament victories, winning a two-game, tie-breaking playoff in heart-stopping fashion Monday. By winning the national championship, the 23-year-old grandmaster from Minnetonka continued to build the case that he has the best chance of becoming the next world champion.”

SuperValu busts a move in LA.  Says Evan Ramstad in the Strib, “Supervalu Inc. has agreed to buy Unified Grocers, a Los Angeles-area food distributor, in a $375 million deal that intensifies its focus on the wholesale business. Supervalu said Monday it will pay $114 million in cash for all outstanding shares of Unified, a cooperative owned by member grocery firms, and assume about $261 million in debt. The deal is expected to close this summer. Unified’s $3.8 billion in annual revenue adds to Supervalu’s existing wholesale business, which had about $8 billion in revenue last year.”

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    Folks like Walker

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