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Isle Royale wolf pair make it through winter

Photo by Rolf Peterson, Michigan Technological University
Taken from the survey aircraft in February 2015, this photograph shows three wolves inhabiting Isle Royale — two adults and, straggling behind, a deformed and unhealthy-looking pup.

At least they have each other. The Duluth News Tribune’s John Myers report: “Researchers at Michigan Technological University on Monday released the results of their 59th annual winter survey of wolves and moose on the island that found the last two wolves still alive. … The wolf numbers have crashed from 24 in 2009 to just the pair — a seven-year-old female and nine-year-old male — as inbreeding spurred genetic defects that have crippled the wolves’ ability to survive and reproduce. … The wolf pair are believed to be too old to reproduce on their own.”

Swanson hasn’t sung her swan song as AG — yet. MPR’s Brian Bakst reports: “Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson is keeping her friends and foes guessing about her 2018 political ambitions, causing some with designs on the state’s top legal job to charge ahead in the dark. … Swanson, a DFLer more than halfway through a third term, hasn’t given a timetable for deciding whether to seek re-election or run for an open governor’s office next year. … While she decides, the scramble for the attorney general’s office is in full swing, with Republican Harry Niska declaring his candidacy on Monday. A second Republican, former state Rep. Doug Wardlow, is also running. … Two Democrats have launched campaigns so far and others say they’re mulling it over.”

A controversial MSOP hearing. The Star Tribune’s Chris Serre reports: “Thomas R. Duvall, a serial rapist who was at the center of a political firestorm three years ago over the future of the state sex offender program, insists that he is no longer a threat to society after nearly three decades in confinement and deserves to be released. … Duvall, 61, is expected to take the stand this week at the start of a four-day trial, which begins Tuesday, before a state Supreme Court appeals panel considering his petition for conditional release. The Duvall case is expected to be a test of Minnesota’s law that provides for the indefinite commitment of violent sex offenders, and the courts’ willingness to override state officials who oppose an offender’s release.”

Not so cute when they get into the wild. KARE’s John Croman reports: “Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield is dealing with some unwelcome visitors that have disrupted the ecosystem of the 150-acre park. … Pet goldfish have gotten into the lake, grown and multiplied rapidly, robbing native species of their food sources. … ‘Maybe they were releasing them to do the fish a favor, but they certainly didn’t do the ecosystem a favor,’ Karen Shragg, Wood Lake’s longtime director, told KARE.”

In other news…

Clearly result of crippling medical device tax: “Medtronic selling medical products business in $6.1B deal” [Star Tribune]

Must be quite a relief: “Drivers get repair vouchers instead of tickets for broken car lights” [Star Tribune]

New justice: “Dayton Appoints Florey Court Of Appeals” [WCCO]

Current associate dean Laura Bloomberg: “UMN announces new Humphrey School dean” [Minnesota Daily]

WWJD: “Vandal leaves message for Crookston atheist” [Pioneer Press]

Prince commemorations continue apace: “Purple Reign: Twin Cities landmarks to glow purple Thursday in memory of Prince” [Star Tribune]

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  1. Submitted by richard owens on 04/18/2017 - 02:38 pm.

    Lori Swanson would be a great governor

    But we would miss her a AG, where her record has been excellent in protecting Minnesotans.

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