Metro Transit investigating after video shows officer asking about immigration status

Seems like there should be standard procedures to follow here? The Star Tribune’s Janet Moore reports: “A cellphone video of a Metro Transit police officer asking a light-rail passenger about his immigration status went viral Friday, prompting the transit agency to launch an internal investigation. … Minneapolis artist Ricardo Levins Morales posted the video Friday afternoon on Facebook under the heading, ‘WHY ARE TRANSIT POLICE ASKING RIDERS’ IMMIGRATION STATUS?’ … According to the video, the officer asks the man, ‘Are you here legally?’ Morales then asks the officer, ‘Are you guys authorized to act as immigration police?’ … The officer shrugs and says, ‘No, not necessarily.’”

Can we at least get a cut of ths? The Pioneer Press’ David Montgomery reports: “A last-ditch effort to add new protections for Minnesotans’ internet data failed in the early morning hours Monday. … Lawmakers finalizing Minnesota’s jobs and economic development budget met after midnight to approve a compromise deal between Dayton and legislative Republicans. At that meeting, Sen. Bobby Joe Champion, DFL-Minneapolis, tried to amend on limits on internet service providers selling their customers’ data. … Similar protections had been passed overwhelmingly by both chambers earlier in the session, but were removed when House and Senate Republicans were merging their bills into a single budget proposal.”

On the hook for more cash. The Pioneer Press’ Christopher Magan reports: “Minnesotans who like to hunt and fish, drive a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle or visit a state park can expect to pay more next year. … The Legislature’s environment and natural resources budget, which has the backing of Gov. Mark Dayton, includes about $23 million in fee increases. The measure passed the Senate with a 42-25 vote Sunday and passed the House 83-51 shortly before 11 p.m.”

Fortune has an in-depth look at General Mills’ struggles in the yogurt business. John Kell writes: “Last year, nine of the top 10 yogurt brands enjoyed rising sales. Which one managed to sink even as a rising tide lifted all the other boats? Yoplait. Its sales have plunged 23% over the past year, according to market researcher IRI, after a 7% drop the prior year. Yoplait has fallen so much that its crown as the top U.S. yogurt brand was snatched by upstart Greek-style brand Chobani. (Danone, which owns a stable of varied brands, ranks No. 1 when their sales are combined.) Indeed, Yoplait’s shipwreck was so epic that its effect overwhelmed the combined sales increases for all other yogurt companies last year and caused the category in the U.S. to decline by 2%.”

In other news…

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