Minneapolis and St. Paul see significant population gains

MinnPost photo by Corey Anderson

Nobody goes to the Twin Cities anymore — too crowded! The Pioneer Press reports: “Growth in the urban cores of Minneapolis and St. Paul continue to spur the region’s population gains, according to a new report by the Metropolitan Council. … The preliminary report, released Tuesday, says the seven-county metro area grew by 191,628 residents between 2010 and 2016. Both St. Paul and Minneapolis saw significant gains: … St. Paul’s population grew to 304,442 in 2016, an increase from the 300,353 estimated in 2015 and the 285,068 from the 2010 U.S. Census. The 2010-2016 growth is a 6.8 percent increase. … Minneapolis’ population hit 419,952 in 2016, an increase from the 412,517 estimated in 2015 and the 382,578 from the 2010 U.S. Census. The 2010-2016 growth is a healthy 9.8 percent increase.”

Blue light at the end of the tunnel? The Southwest Journal’s Michelle Bruch reports: “City officials will consider purchasing Kmart’s land next month, according to city staff. … The City of Minneapolis and Sears Holdings Corporation haven’t reached a deal to reconnect Nicollet Avenue where the store sits today. … The parties don’t agree on the price Kmart should pay in a new development, according to city staff. But staff expect to ask the City Council in June to exercise its option to purchase the land under Kmart. The Council approved an option in 2015 to buy the Kmart site at 10 W. Lake St. for $8 million. ”

Still plenty of time left to screw this up. The Pioneer Press’ Rachel E. Stassen-Berger reports: “Minnesotans: Your state lawmakers have found a way to get you driver’s licenses that the federal government will accept. … For years, Capitol officials have been stymied as they tried to find agreement on changing the state’s licenses to be Real ID compliant. But Tuesday evening, they reached a deal that would allow the House and Senate to send a bill to Gov. Mark Dayton this week. … If the bill becomes law, Minnesota would be the last state to adopt the federal license standards. ”

This year, make sure it’s only the food that gets fried. MPR’s Mark Zdechlik reports: “Research conducted at the Minnesota State Fair suggests people could do a lot more to guard against skin cancer. … Researchers set up free sunscreen dispensers at the Fair and watched more than 2,000 people use them for almost 100 hours.Most people observed failed to properly apply sunscreen and almost two-thirds of them were not wearing sun-protective clothing, hats or sunglasses, said study co-author and University of Minnesota dermatologist Dr. Ingrid Polcari.”

In other news…

Someone was trying a little too hard to be the “cool” teacher: “St. Thomas Academy teacher smoked marijuana with students, search documents say” [Pioneer Press]

The guy who tackled the deer looks relatively unfazed: “Oh deer! Woodland animal caught looking for deals at Wadena Walmart” [WDAY]

Grand opening on June 7: “After delay, Children’s Museum reopens soon with $3 ticket hike” [Star Tribune]

Good luck, Jesse! “Minneapolis’ Jesse Larson voted into the finale on NBC’s ‘The Voice’” [Star Tribune]

Worked on event planning for Mondale’s ’84 campaign, among other things: “Paul Ridgeway, who orchestrated high-profile political events, dies at 68” [Star Tribune]

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