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Minnesota employers overestimate diversity of their workforces

Plus: U hires outside attorneys to review Gopher football sex-assault case; bills in legislature would loosen feedlot environmental standards; Minnesota AG targets Kars4Kids; and more.

MinnPost photo by Peter Callaghan

We’re not as good as we think we are. MPR’s Martin Moylan reports: “A recent state survey found most Minnesota employers believe they have workforces that reflect the diversity of their customers and communities. But employment data show they’re often fooling themselves. … Racial and ethnic minorities are a growing portion of Minnesota’s workforce, according to statistics from the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission and U.S. Census. Yet they are significantly underrepresented in many kinds of jobs and industries. … For example, among management, business financial and health professionals, racial and ethnic minority workers represent only 8 percent. That’s half their share of the total workforce.”

Will be interesting to see what they find. The Star Tribune’s Maura Lerner reports: “The University of Minnesota has hired two outside attorneys to review its handling of sexual assault allegations against 10 Gophers football players last fall. … John Marti, a former federal prosecutor, and Jillian Kornblatt, a specialist in labor law, were named Thursday to assist a special oversight committee of the U’s Board of Regents. … Regent Thomas Anderson, who chairs the committee, said the goal is to determine if the university followed its own rules in pursuing the case, and whether changes should be made in the future.”

That’s a lotta Animal Units. The Rochester Post Bulletin’s Brian Todd reports: “A pair of bills in the Minnesota Legislature — Senate File 1016 and House File 1456 — could change the way the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency permits large livestock feedlots. Specifically, the state would change the threshold for requiring an environmental review known as an environmental assessment worksheet from 1,000 animal units to 2,000 animal units. … According to the MPCA, an animal unit varies depending on the type and weight of the animal, but a hog between 55 and 300 pounds would be 0.03 AU while a hog tipping the scales at more than 300 pounds is 0.4 AU. Mature cows over 1,000 pounds are 1.4 AU apiece, and a mature cow less than 1,000 pounds is 1 AU.”

Kars4Kids, but not much cash for kids. The Star Tribune’s Shannon Prather writes: “Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson is taking aim at Kars4Kids, a New Jersey charity that spent less than one percent of the $3 million it raised from Minnesota donors on charitable programs in the state. … One of the largest vehicle donation charities in the country and perhaps best known for its catchy radio jingle, Kars4Kids spent just $11,600 on charitable programs for Minnesota residents from 2012 to 2014, according to a compliance report issued Thursday by Swanson’s office.”

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