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Yanez trial begins

Plus: appeals court upholds Legislature’s auditor rules; St. Paul planting trees in wake of ash borer; legislators urge veto of transportation bill; and more.

Jeronimo Yanez
Jeronimo Yanez

Yanez trial begins today. The Pioneer Press’ Sarah Horner reports: “The trial of officer Jeronimo Yanez will open in Ramsey County on Tuesday, reigniting scrutiny of the seconds that preceded Yanez’s decision to shoot the 32-year-old black man shortly after pulling him over. … The incident’s aftermath was live-streamed on Facebook by Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, who was with him in the car at the time, as was her then-4-year-old daughter. The footage fueled protests locally and nationally about officers’ use of force against black men.”

Auditor rules upheld. The AP reports: “Minnesota’s Court of Appeals has upheld a state law allowing counties to hire private firms for financial audits. … It’s the second such court ruling involving the Legislature’s 2015 law that ignited controversy. State Auditor Rebecca Otto challenged the law, arguing it was an unconstitutional breech of her duties that puts taxpayers at risk. … Republicans who spearheaded the change argued counties should be allowed to choose private audits that can be cheaper than the auditor’s services. A district court ruled last fall the change was constitutional, but Otto appealed. … The State Court of Appeals affirmed that ruling in a 2-1 decision Tuesday.”

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Kentucky coffeetree blight coming in what, 20 years? The Pioneer Press’ Andy Rathbun reports: “Goodbye, ash trees. Hello, Kentucky coffeetrees. … Take a look around and you’ll see that St. Paul’s treescape is changing. The city plans to remove 1,350 ash trees from boulevards this year as a result of the invasive emerald ash borer taking root, and a separate program will mean 1,800 new trees in select neighborhoods.”

Will the transportation bill get … … … derailed?? The Rochester Post Bulletin’s Heather J. Carlson reports: “A Rochester lawmaker is one of nine Democrats urging Gov. Mark Dayton to veto a transportation funding bill. … Rep. Duane Sauke signed onto a letter sent to the DFL governor over the weekend that asks him to veto the transportation funding package passed during the recent special session. In the letter, Democrats call the bill passed by the Republican-led Legislature ‘woefully inadequate.’ They wrote, ‘This bill is bad for Minnesotans on the basis of fairness, sufficiency, fiscal prudence and sound policy.’”

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