Seizures of guns at MSP airport on the rise

REUTERS/Danny Moloshok
A man is screened with a backscatter x-ray machine at a TSA security checkpoint.

One place you still can’t bring your gun. KSTP reports: “Guns are a growing problem at Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport. In fact, more guns are being spotted at MSP’s security checkpoints than ever before, according to Transportation Security Administration officials. … Here’s the breakdown: TSA officers found 18 guns at MSP in 2014. That number jumped to 23 guns in 2015. A record 38 guns were found in 2016. And so far this year, 15 guns have already been spotted through mid-May, which is more than ever before. … Of those guns, the TSA said more than 80 percent were loaded. Of those, the vast majority had a round in the chamber.”

They still have to seek permission to build these? The Associated Press’ Steve Karnowski reports: “Minnesota regulators are getting ready to open a series of 22 public meetings on an oil pipeline project that opponents have dubbed the next Dakota Access pipeline struggle. … Enbridge Energy is seeking approval to replace its aging Line 3 pipeline across northern Minnesota. The meetings along the proposed route are meant to give the public a chance to comment on the draft environmental review for the project, which was released last month. The first two meetings are scheduled for Tuesday, and a final decision from Minnesota isn’t expected until next year.”

So that’d put the value of Lunds & Byerlys at, what, $180 million? The Star Tribune’s Mike Hughlett, reports: “After an ugly dispute with her siblings, Kim Lund has been awarded $45.2 million for her stake in the Lunds & Byerlys grocery chain, less than the $80 million she sought but more than double the $21.3 million that the family-owned company offered her. … Kim Lund, the eldest of four Lund siblings who equally own the well-known Twin Cities grocery chain, had sued Lunds and its CEO — her brother Russell ‘Tres’ Lund III — to cash out of the well-known Twin Cities grocery company. ”

Nice press for a Duluth biz. Wired’s Eric Adams writes: “After more than a decade in development, Cirrus Aircraft has finally begun delivering its new SF50 Vision Jet to the first of more than 600 customers who’ve queued up for it. The curvy v-tailed airplane is both the smallest and, at $2 million, the most affordable private jet in the world. (Even used Gulfstream jets go for tens of millions of dollars.) ”

In other news…

Looks like school officials have some explaining to do here: “Group seeks investigation after Muslim student’s arrest at Apple Valley High School ” [Pioneer Press]

These guys, too: “Suit: UPS barred Muslim workers from praying at Mendota Hts. facility and fired them” [Star Tribune]

Nice: “St. Cloud model Halima Aden is on the cover of this month’s Vogue Arabia” [City Pages]

Hey, as long as the check clears … “Help City Pages understand this classified ad we ran” [City Pages]

Or are they served right side up, and it’s the rest of the world that’s upside down? “Why Are Dairy Queen Blizzards Served Upside Down?” [Mental Floss]

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  1. Submitted by richard owens on 06/05/2017 - 12:36 pm.

    What is the penalty for trying to fly with a gun?

    Are these people arrested?

    Do they keep the firearm they tried to take on the airplane?

    Do they lose their right to carry a firearm?

    Is it the same at all American airports?

    If the numbers keep rising, and we can only assume there were some guns getting through, does that indicate the penalty is too light?

    More on this please?

    • Submitted by Richard Rowan on 06/05/2017 - 01:43 pm.

      What happens when you’re caught

      According to the KSTP article:

      “The infraction can be a costly experience. Van Leuven said those who are caught with a gun at a security checkpoint can expect a $7500 fine from the TSA. They’ll also be charged with a misdemeanor, and their gun will likely be confiscated as evidence.”

      • Submitted by richard owens on 06/05/2017 - 02:47 pm.

        Thank you. I should have read the KSTP source.

        One more, out of curiosity:

        Where do reporters find info on the adjudicated TSA gun cases?

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