Catch-and-release walleye fishing resumes on Mille Lacs

Wikimedia Commons/Todd Murray

Walleye fishing’s back on. MPR’s Dan Kraker report: “After a fishing closure of over a month out of concern for the long-term health of the Mille Lacs Lake walleye population, catch-and-release angling for the popular sport fish resumes on Friday at 6 a.m. … The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources imposed what was originally supposed to be a three-week walleye fishing closure on Mille Lacs on July 7.”

Has it only been twenty-five years? The Washington Post’s Michael Rosenwald writes: “The Mall of America — all 5.6 MILLION square feet of it — turns 25 Friday, so let’s stop worrying about Guam for just a moment to celebrate this milestone. … Happy birthday, Mall of America! … You have given capitalism and cement companies so much to celebrate. Look how big you are! We could fit 347 Statues of Liberty — laying down, side-to-side — inside your corridors. That’s a lot of liberty, especially for Minnesota. And you have obviously heeded grandma’s advice to ‘never grow up,’ collecting more than 170,000 Legos for your playroom.”

History rewritten. MPR’s Brian Bakst reports: “Disputed biographical plaques next to the official Capitol portraits of ex-Govs. Jesse Ventura and Tim Pawlenty have been swapped out with fresh versions just as the Capitol is staged for a weekend grand reopening celebration expected to draw thousands. … The rewrites undertaken by the Minnesota Historical Society — in consultation with Ventura and Pawlenty — appeared this week in the Capitol’s ground-floor corridor. It was a quick turnaround after a controversy that bubbled up weeks ago when, for the first time, narratives appeared alongside portraits of living governors.”

Could go to court. MPR’s Martin Moylan reports: “The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says Cargill violated the civil rights of Somali-American Muslim employees at a Colorado meatpacking plant. … About 150 employees walked off the job at Cargill’s Fort Morgan plant in December 2015 after they were allegedly barred from praying during breaks.”

In other news…

You’ve got to look at the photos: “‘I don’t want any trouble’: How I was mistaken for Bigfoot” [New York Post]

It was a great run: “Twin Cities’ own Eva Igo, 14, just misses $1 million in ‘World of Dance’ final” [Star Tribune]

The governor was not in the car: “State Patrol car in governor’s motorcade involved in crash” [MPR]

Weird, he’s normally so gracious: “Trump’s judge picks snub Democrats” [Politico]

Only if it accepts itself into its heart: “Minneapolis’ landmark Jesus mural is crumbling — can it be saved?” [Star Tribune]

Made it after all: “After nearly 5 years on the market, Mary Tyler Moore house has a buyer” [Star Tribune]

The nerve: “Brick at new Braves ballpark proclaims: ‘Hrbek cheated!’” [Star Tribune]

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