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Charges detail alleged motive in Fargo murder case

Plus: Blaine man pleads guilty in international sex-trafficking ring case; DNR imposes new hunting rules to test for spread of chronic wasting disease; original Red’s Savoy to close; and more.

Brooke Lynn Crews and William Henry Hoehn

Following that awful murder case in Fargo, David Kolpack of the AP reports, “A suspect in the death of a pregnant woman initially claimed the woman gave up her newborn daughter but later admitted taking advantage of her to get the child, according to court documents filed Monday that shed no light on how the woman died. … [William] Hoehn told police a different story, according to the documents. He said he came home Aug. 19 to find [Brooke] Crews cleaning up blood in their bathroom. Hoehn says Crews presented him with an infant baby girl and said: ‘This is our baby. This is our family.’ Hoehn told police he took garbage bags containing bloody shoes and bloody towels and disposed of them away from the apartment complex, according to the documents.”

Is it a federal case? ValleyNewsLive in Fargo says: “Many people are asking, since Savanna Greywind’s body was found on the Minnesota side of the Red River near an abandoned farmstead east of Harwood, north of Moorhead, will this turn into a federal case? It crosses state lines, involves a variety of jurisdictions and is relying on several law enforcement agencies, each with a different aspect of this investigation. … That question was posed to Fargo Police and the Cass County State’s Attorney Monday morning at a press briefing at City Hall. Their answer? That depends on if new information comes to light.”

For the Strib, John Reinan reports, “Police would not say Monday whether Greywind’s body showed evidence of a Caesarean section or of labor having been induced. And it’s unclear where she was killed. Her body has been sent to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner for an autopsy and forensic examination. A cause of death hasn’t been released yet, and a full report isn’t expected for weeks, officials said.”

Church feud in Melrose. Says Kirsti Marohn for MPR: “For nearly 120 years, the Church of St. Mary has played a central role in the lives of Melrose residents. … But the church has stood empty for 18 months since the interior was heavily damaged in an arson fire. The debate over whether to restore the church or build a new one has threatened to divide this close-knit community. On March 11, 2016, an unknown arsonist started a fire in the sacristy behind the altar. Firefighters fought the blaze and kept it from consuming the brick building, but the inside was heavily damaged.”

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Harvey related. S.M. Chavey of the PiPress says, “Thirty-three Target locations and 29 Best Buy locations in Texas are temporarily closed after Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 hurricane, hit southeastern Texas late Friday. The Minnesota-based retailers both said stores were closed for the safety of employees and customers. The stores will remain closed until they are safe to open, Target and Best Buy said.” Expect a lot of “slightly storm-damaged” TVs on the market in a month or so.

Guilty plea in sex-trafficking case. Says Sarah Horner for the PiPress, “A Blaine man accused of serving as the Minnesota manager for an international sex-trafficking ring that exploited vulnerable, foreign-born women from China admitted to his role in the criminal operation during a Friday court hearing. … Both Ramsey and Washington county authorities led the investigation into the illicit business, which was reportedly based out of California but had service areas in regions throughout the United States, including the metro area, legal documents say.”

New Chronic Wasting Disease rules. Says Dennis Anderson for the Strib, “The DNR announced Monday that testing during the first two days of firearms deer season is scheduled to determine if chronic wasting disease (CWD) has spread from captive deer to wild deer in central and north-central Minnesota. The DNR also said  a new deer feeding ban is in place until 2019 for 11 central and north-central Minnesota counties surrounding two farms where multiple captive deer were infected with chronic wasting disease. … According to the DNR announcement: All hunters in affected deer permit areas will be required to have their harvested deer tested on Saturday, Nov. 4, or Sunday, Nov. 5.”

Original Red’s to go dark. The PiPress’ Jess Fleming reports: “Just a week after the passing of its founder, Earl “Red” Schoenheider, the original Red’s Savoy location on East Seventh Street is closing, according to restaurateur’s children. The building, which the family does not own, is not ADA compliant, and has some major structural issues that need to be fixed, said company spokesman Reed Daniels. … Adding to that, Schoenheider was the heart and soul of that location, having worked there every day for 52 years, his family said. They were working on closing anyway, but Schoenheider’s passing sealed the deal. The restaurant is set to end its run in mid-September.”