Minnesota’s school boards lack representation for people of color

Interesting disparity. MPR’s Solvejg Wastvedt reports: “While students of color and mixed race students make up nearly one-third of Minnesota’s public school enrollment, only 3 percent of school district board members are people of color, according to an MPR News analysis. … Boards set policy and budgets for schools, so observers say it’s crucial they reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of district kids and represent the voices of all the families who send their kids to school. But finding and recruiting those board candidates can be a problem even in the state’s most diverse school districts.”

Airport noise really … taking off. The Star Tribune’s Janet Moore reports: “For years, the roar of aircraft arriving and departing from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was mostly contained to neighborhoods in south Minneapolis — the unavoidable byproduct of a busy airport situated so close to the city. … But research generated by the MSP FairSkies Coalition, a determined group of neighborhood activists, indicates that noise from the airport has increased 30 percent since 2014 and that its reach has spread to new corners of Minneapolis and the suburbs. St. Louis Park was hit hardest, with the number of people affected by aircraft noise increasing by 177 percent over the past two years, according to the group’s analysis.”

What could this mean? In Minnesota Lawyer, Kevin Featherly writes: “The Minnesota Department of Human Rights received a ‘significant increase’ in the number of total complaints, including more ‘complex cases,’ over the first six months of 2017. … Whether that represents an early warning sign or a blip on the statistical continuum is yet to be determined, but at least one key legislator plans to keep an eye on developments as the 2018 legislative session approaches. … ‘It’s definitely a flag waving out there,’ said Sen. Warren Limmer, R-Maple Grove. ‘If it’s yellow flag or a red flag, we don’t know yet.’ “

No error in heirs determination. The Star Tribune’s Emma Nelson reports: Five people claiming to be half-siblings of the late musician Prince are not actually related to him and are not eligible to get a cut of his multimillion dollar fortune, a Minnesota Court of Appeals judge ruled Tuesday. … Darcell Gresham Johnston, Loya Janel Wilson, Loyal James Gresham III, Orrine Gresham said they were related to Prince through Loyal James Gresham Jr., who they claimed was Prince’s father. Venita Jackson Leverette made the same claim, but said another man, Alfred Jackson, was Prince’s father. … In fact, neither man was Prince’s father.”

The Guardian talks to Minnesota’s junior senator: “Al Franken: ‘I don’t think that this president is equipped to handle the job’” [The Guardian]

But should it be purple or orange? “Fan Petitions for Prince to Replace Christopher Columbus Statue” [Pitchfork]

So much for that: “HBO drops ‘Mogadishu, Minnesota” series” [St. Cloud Times]

Thought we were going with Terminal 1 already: “Up next in the name-change debate: the Lindbergh terminal” [MPR]

Yikes: “Brutal attack injures Brainerd High School grad in Fargo” [Inforum]

New Hüsker Dü: “Hüsker Dü’s ‘Savage Young Dü’ 3CD/4LP box set revealed — and you can stream it now” [Slicing Up Eyeballs]

RIP: “Remembering Angus Wurtele, Philanthropist and Walker Board Member (1934–2017)” [Walker Art Center]

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  1. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 09/05/2017 - 02:17 pm.

    Just out of curiosity

    …has the Met Council, or some other body of people with actual authority, seriously considered moving the airport to a location away from densely-populated neighborhoods? Not that such a move wouldn’t be a significant undertaking (maybe costing as much as…um…a new football stadium), but it would surely end (most of) the complaints about aircraft noise in the city, and, like the Ford site in St. Paul, would open up hundreds of acres in south Minneapolis to residential and commercial (and who knows? Even industrial?) development on land that’s already been leveled and that has massive connections to local utilities.

    Denver annexed a portion of neighboring Adams County (not without dispute and controversy, but it was done, nonetheless) and built DIA 10 miles outside the city. Was it costly? Of course. Does it take longer to get to the airport from many locations than it does now? Yes. Do most Denverites view the move as more positive than negative? Absolutely! Those people wasting their time and money on complaints to the city, the airport authority, the airlines, would be MUCH better served if they directed their time and energy (and dollars) to getting MSP moved somewhere else that’s relatively flat, and that has convenient access (or access that can be made convenient) to one of the local interstates, and near enough to make a connection with light rail.

  2. Submitted by Richard Callahan on 09/05/2017 - 03:16 pm.

    Excellent idea, but rejected long ago

    There was an effort to move the airport to someplace like Farmington in the early 90’s, but it was squashed by then Governor Arne Carlson, if I remember correctly. It was deemed too expensive.

    That was an unfortunate lost opportunity, and I’m sure it isn’t going to happen now.

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