Supreme Court asks for new accounting of Legislature’s remaining funds

MinnPost photo by Peter Callaghan

Do-over. The Star Tribune’s J. Patrick Coolican reports: “The Minnesota Supreme Court ordered the Legislature to again submit to the justices a report on how much money they have as part of their ongoing legal fight with Gov. Mark Dayton. … Dayton, who was also ordered to file a report on the Legislature’s financial situation, vetoed the money to operate the House and Senate last spring during a budget dispute. … The two sides are engaged in a high stakes constitutional battle that has already cost Minnesotans hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.”

Nowhere’s safe. The Pioneer Press’ Bob Shaw reports: “The Minnesota tree-killing hitchhiker known as the emerald ash borer has arrived in Woodbury. … The first of the metallic-green bugs was seen in a tree in the parking lot of the Woodbury 10 Theatre, city officials reported Thursday. … ‘I was not surprised by this — it is all around us,’ said Bob Klatt, director of the city’s parks and recreation. ‘Most likely, there are other places in the community that we aren’t aware of yet.’ … The insect has been slowly spreading throughout the metro area, leaving a trail of dead ash trees in its wake.”

Um… yeah. The Mankato Free Press’ Mark Fischenich reports: “A quarry company that blasted bowling-ball-size rocks into a Mankato neighborhood — and a company that many Mankatoans blame for an earthquake-like tremor that rolled through the city in April — will not receive another blasting permit from the Department of Public Safety. … ‘… I do not plan to renew or reactivate the explosive use permits for the Jefferson Quarry,’ wrote Public Safety Director Todd Miller in a letter earlier this week to Jordan Sands CEO Scott Sustacek. ‘The investigation has shown that there is public safety danger with the use of explosives at the quarry.’”

Uh oh. The AP reports (via the Star Tribune): “An executive at a major Minnesota-based fitness firm and eight others are accused in a new federal indictment of using insider information to scoop up stocks before word of the company’s sale in 2015 pushed share prices higher. … A Friday statement from the U.S. attorney’s office in Chicago says the suspects made nearly $900,000 in illegal profits buying shares in Life Time Fitness Inc. earlier in 2015. Its vice president for corporate sales, Shane Fleming, allegedly passed the insider tip to a friend. The friend then told his girlfriend and other friends.”

In other news…

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