Coleman, Harris call for leaders of St. Paul police union to resign

MinnPost file photo by Terry Gydesen
St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman

A campaign mailer too far. In the Pioneer Press, Nick Woltman, Fred Melo and Mara H. Gottfried write: “St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and mayoral candidate Pat Harris called on the leadership of the city’s police union to resign Thursday evening, decrying as racist the group’s recent criticism of Harris’ opponent Melvin Carter III. The St. Paul Police Federation accused Carter, who is black, of doing too little to secure two handguns that were stolen from his home in an August burglary. … The calls for resignations came on the same day as the new campaign flier landed in St. Paul mailboxes, calling attention to rising gun violence in the city and attempting to link the trend to the guns stolen from Carter’s home. ‘Over 100 shots have been fired since August 15 when Melvin Carter’s guns went missing,’ the mailer reads. The flier, from the political action committee Building a Better St. Paul, is marked as ‘an independent expenditure in support of Pat Harris’”

Just don’t call it “the white stuff.” At MPR, Paul Huttner writes: “And so it begins. The calendar says October. The weather maps scream winter. Our first significant winter weather event of the season has arrived. Wind-driven snow and near blizzard conditions are already lashing northern Minnesota. It’s a scene straight out of the movie Fargo. …Winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories cover most of Minnesota into Friday.”

Speaking of ice. MPR’s Riham Feshir reports: “A group of nonprofits and immigrant-rights organizations is calling on congressional members to halt any plans for new or expanded immigration detention facilities in the Midwest, including St. Paul. …  The Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, the Immigrant Law Center and the American Civil Liberties Union were among several organizations that signed a letter to ICE objecting to the plans.”

New rules. The PiPress’ Fred Melo writes: “New downtown St. Paul skyway rules, centered largely on hours of operation and public safety, took effect Wednesday. The rules were approved last month by the St. Paul City Council. The skyways can now close at midnight, at the earliest, instead of 2 a.m. Building owners are also now required to place security cameras in their skyways, though they may opt out if they have live security personnel.”

Not giving up. Also from the PiPress’ Melo: “Opponents of St. Paul’s plans for the old Ford Motor Co. property have not given up hope they can block high-density development from unfolding in Highland Park. The St. Paul City Council recently approved a rezoning plan intended to draw medium-to-high density housing and some commercial buildings to the former Ford factory. … Neighbors for a Livable St. Paul announced Thursday they are beginning a petition drive to force a ballot referendum aimed at repealing the zoning ordinance, which was approved by the city council Sept. 27.”

Sounds lovely. The Strib’s Paul Walsh writes: “Fights involving protesters erupted Wednesday night outside a University of Minnesota building where a politically conservative speaker from Canada appeared, a school spokesman said. Police sprayed a chemical irritant three times on some of the 200 to 250 or so protesters outside ‘to break up fights,’ said university spokesman Evan Lapiska. No injuries were reported. … The speaker, Laura Southern, 22, later tweeted to university police, ‘Thank you so much for defending free speech.’ The author, activist and internet personality spoke on the ‘Evils of Socialist Authoritarianism and Necessity of Free Speech.’”

A stash befitting Paul Bunyan. Also from the Strib’s Walsh: “A Twin Cities man and an accomplice were arrested on an Oregon interstate after their vehicle loaded with more than 200 pounds of marijuana was stopped by law enforcement, authorities said. Pandy Hout, 29, of Shakopee, and Meng Lor, 28, of Sacramento, were apprehended about 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 18 on Interstate 5 near the southwestern Oregon town of Merlin, according to the Oregon State Patrol.… Authorities said they believe the two were taking their haul to Minnesota.”

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by RB Holbrook on 10/27/2017 - 12:46 pm.

    Just Ignore Her!

    The protesters at the University should know that yahoos like Laura Southern and the adorable kids who invited her to speak thrive on this kind of confrontation. Without it, without the ability to claim that mean liberals are picking on them, they have nothing to say. Don’t validate what they have to say.

    I know it’s hard to stand silent in the face of this kind of bigotry and hatred, but ignoring her would be the best step. Imagine the news coverage: “Noted Canadian provocateuse Laura Southern spoke to a group of students about leftists denying conservatives the right to free speech. Her talk was not disrupted, and outside, no protesters gathered. When reached for comment, one student who identifies with the so-called anti-fascist movement said everyone had better things to do.”

    The conservative claque who sponsored her talk might have to retreat to a safe place to recover their hurt feelings.

    • Submitted by Frank Phelan on 10/27/2017 - 04:25 pm.

      Along the Same Lines

      They could attend the speech, and just sit quietly. Every seat they take up would be one less seat occupied by someone who would otherwise applaud her. No denying of the opportunity to speak, just a silent witness. Maybe just bring a newspaper or tablet and do some reading.

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