Report suggests senators encouraging Franken to rescind his planned resignation

What a twist this would be. MPR’s Brian Bakst reports: “Transition plans for one of Minnesota’s U.S. Senate seats are moving ahead despite talk in Washington that Democrat Al Franken could yet change his mind about resigning, in part because he has yet to give a date or a letter providing for his formal exit. … A story in Politico says four senators contend Franken was pressured to leave too hastily and he should consider rescinding his planned resignation. Franken has announced he would resign in the face of multiple allegations of sexual impropriety, some of which he denied. Franken’s office didn’t immediately provide a comment about the report, but aides have said in the past week that the senator expects to depart in early January. … Sen. Joe Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat who didn’t join the stampede of calls for Franken’s resignation, told Politico that his colleague got a raw deal.”

Full circle for the Daytons. City Pages’ Jessica Armbruster reports: “If North Loop shop Askov Finlayson is a little too pricey for your wallet, you’ll be able to scoop up more affordable creations from the Dayton brothers-owned store at Target this winter. … The limited release collaboration is inspired by the North, snow, and Minnesota winters. The 50 items include cozy onesies, knit hats, candles, and even a snowtube, which Eric Dayton says is his favorite in the collection.”

The 3.5 million gallon manure tank can go forward. The Rochester Post Bulletin’s Brian Todd reports: “The Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled today that the Goodhue County Board of Commissioners was ‘not unreasonable, arbitrary, and capricious, or contrary to law based on the administrative record’ in issuing a conditional-use permit on Feb. 21 for the Circle K Family Farm Z Finisher feedlot. … In affirming the county’s issuance of the CUP, Minnesota Court of Appeals Judge Peter Reyes Jr., noted that to find against the county, it would need to be shown that the board did not follow the standards set forth in the county zoning ordinance regarding the proposed feedlot.”

Come on, let the Gen Xers have this. It’s all they’ve got. The Duluth News Tribune’s Adelle Whitefoot reports: “Laura Smith is a mother of five, four of whom attend Two Harbors High School. Recently, her 11th-grade daughter was brought home a permission slip to watch an R-rated movie in class for an assignment. The movie was the 1985 comedy-drama ‘The Breakfast Club.’ Though she appreciated the permission slip, she declined to allow her daughter to watch the movie, she said. She believes it is an inappropriate movie to show during class.”

In other news…

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  1. Submitted by David Kleppe on 12/18/2017 - 07:19 pm.

    Senator Franken

    Since when should the Democratic leadership in the U.S. Senate dictate without due process the resignation of Al Franken? Shouldn’t that be a decision in the hands of Minnesotans, not in the reach of two senators from the state of New York throwing their weight around– Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand? I definitely won’t heed the fundraising e-mail appeals from those two power playing political executioners asking me for urgent donations for the cause. After what went down I’d be happy to see Schumer replaced as the minority leader of the Senate. Happier still, if Sen. Franken would change his mind about resigning and stay on for the duration of the term to which Minnesotans put to him to work. Minnesota Democrats would have an opportunity in the 2020 primary to consider other candidate options. Since when do Schumer, Gillibrand and other Democrats get to usurp the voices of the citizens of Minnesota. As it stands now, I am unsure that I will support Gov. Dayton’s chosen replacement Tina Smith. I confess a fear that political women are using the #MeToo movement as a means to remove men from jobs whatever the reason in order to justify their righteous indignation, thus validating the stereotype that their emotion rather than judgment rules. Sen. Gillibrand’s emotional intelligence was at work when she quickly called out for Franken’s ouster. That’s not due process. That’s a lynch mob appeal.

    • Submitted by Connie Sullivan on 12/20/2017 - 10:05 am.

      Democrats, not Republicans hiding behind some fake Democratic facade, as here, should decide this issue. And they won’t do it with a pretense that women cannot call out sexual abusers with their intellectual or rational intelligence.

      Please: women have brains not just emotional intelligence! And Gillibrand was making a political calculation. You may disagree with her judgement, but it was not emotional.

      Oh, how we do get weary, boys!

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