Economic impact of Super Bowl debated

Minnesota Vikings

Safe to say a whole lot less than most people are going to claim. MPR’s Tim Nelson report: “What’s a Super Bowl worth? It depends on who you ask. … Gov. Mark Dayton pegged it at $500 million for Minnesota four years ago. A study commissioned in Indianapolis after the Super Bowl in 2012 set the net economic benefit at $278 million for the Giants-Patriots game. … Peter O’Reilly, senior vice president of events for the NFL, said the Super Bowl’s economic impact ranges between $300 million and $500 million.”

What was really behind the closure of the Saint Agnes bakery? City Pages’ Mike Mullen reports: “The sudden closure of Saint Agnes Baking Company in St. Paul left Twin Cities restaurants in the lurch. … According to one report, the wholesale bakery closed not out of financial mismanagement or on an owner’s whim. The bakery had become aware Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was planning to audit the bakery “as well as its employees” — 10 of whom promptly quit out of fear, according to WCCO.”

Duluth considers restricting flavored tobacco. KBJR’s Anthony Matt reports: “On Thursday’s City Council agenda session, a proposal from the American Lung Association, backed by the Duluth School Board, to ban the sale of all flavored tobacco products in the city’s convenience stores, and move them to 18-or-older businesses like smoke shops. … … If approved, the move would be a big blow to gas stations, according to Brandon Kaisersatt, the VP of Operations for 4 Short Stop Gas stations around Duluth. … ‘It is large enough that you will see some individual owner-operators closing over this,’ said Kaisersatt.”

Air travel: no longer for the dogs. The AP’s David Koenig reports: “Delta Air Lines will soon require owners of service and support animals to provide more information before their animal can fly in the passenger cabin, including an assurance that it’s trained to behave itself. … The airline says complaints about animals biting or soiling plane cabins have nearly doubled since 2016. … Starting March 1, Delta will require owners to show proof of their animal’s health or vaccinations at least 48 hours before a flight.”

In other news…

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  1. Submitted by Pat Berg on 01/19/2018 - 01:50 pm.


    And I don’t mean the dogs.

    The Delta policy is relying on the “honor system” for owners to attest to their dogs’ ability to exhibit good behavior while on the plane. I’m not sure what that gets them besides maybe better grounds to sue if another bite incident occurs?

    (And by the way, not even a “certificate from an obedience school” as I’ve seen mentioned in some articles actually guarantees a well-behaved dog, a fact that becomes obvious to anyone watching a “graduating class” exercise from some of these schools!)

  2. Submitted by Curtis Senker on 01/19/2018 - 03:04 pm.

    “The bakery had become aware Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was planning to audit the bakery “as well as its employees” — 10 of whom promptly quit out of fear, according to WCCO.”

    I’m not sure how many employees they had, but whatever the number, having 10 working unlawfully is evidence of willful collusion. Kudos to ICE for protecting American jobs for American citizens.

    • Submitted by jim hughes on 01/20/2018 - 10:14 am.

      protecting American jobs?

      I note that in fact the jobs were “protected”; actually, American jobs were lost along with all the economic activity this business generated. It’s a net loss to the community.

    • Submitted by richard owens on 01/20/2018 - 10:44 am.

      What harm did these folks do to you?

      10 people are no longer working, running a bakery. They were no threat to you or anyone else that I can tell.

      Kudos? For doing a job that strikes fear into working people and their families?

      What pleasure is derived from this cruelty toward ordinary people working and producing?

      Forcing them out of a job, into the shadows or “on the run” merely makes Republicans feel better.

      This obsession with deporting hard working people exhibits a disgusting lack of humanity.

      Nothing is solved.

  3. Submitted by jim hughes on 01/20/2018 - 10:12 am.

    it depends

    Gov Dayton’s claim of “$500 million for Minnesota” definitely belongs in the Hype Hall of Fame. I guess it just depends on how one defines “Minnesota”.

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