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Local GOP official claims Muslim plot to infiltrate caucuses

Hmmmm The Glean🤔. The Star Tribune’s J. Patrick Coolican reports: “A local Republican Party official said he uncovered a plot to ‘mobilize Muslims to infiltrate our Republican caucuses on Feb. 6’ -- drawing a swift rebuke from fellow Republicans. … Dave Sina, the chair of the Fourth Congressional District GOP, said in a long Facebook post Monday that a friend went to a caucus training held at a local mosque, where he witnessed Muslim-Americans being taught to ‘penetrate’ and ‘infiltrate’ American politics to enact a Muslim political agenda.”

The Strib with the latest on the U standoff. The Star Tribune’s Tim Harlow reports: “A two-day standoff between law enforcement and a man holed up in a hotel room near the University of Minnesota appeared to be coming to an end Tuesday as members of a SWAT team fired gas into the suspect’s room and police were moving in on the man. … Videos and photos making the rounds on social media sites show the man, who is wanted on a warrant out of Arizona, lobbing a microwave oven out of his room on the sixth floor of the Graduate Hotel on the 600 block of Washington Avenue SE. in Stadium Village where he has held police at bay since midnight Monday. … Witnesses also said they have seen a caravan of unmarked squad cars, the State Patrol and SUV’s make their way to and surround the hotel. … Police gave no immediate word on the condition of the suspect or if he had been arrested.”

Report filed. KARE’s Lauren Leamanczyk reports: “A task force convened by Governor Mark Dayton to address an elder abuse crisis in Minnesota has returned wide-ranging recommendations for change. … ‘The problems in the regulatory system demand immediate and dramatic fixes,’ the report says. … The group, which includes the AARP, family advocate groups Elder Voice and the Minnesota Elder Justice Center and the Alzheimer’s Association of Minnesota, called on policy makers to give families and seniors more tools to combat abuse. They want enhanced investigation and enforcement by state regulators, stronger criminal statutes and greater transparency for families of seniors who’ve been victimized.”

All signs point to … Bde Maka Ska. It's final: Lake Calhoun is now Bde Maka Ska, named in honor of originalCity Pages’ Susan Du reports: “It’s final. Minneapolis Parks and Rec has torn down the old Lake Calhoun signs and drilled in new ones bearing Bde Maka Ska. … First thing Monday, the DNR updated the State Register to reflect Hennepin County’s recent resolution to phase out Calhoun. To make the name stick at the federal level, the U.S. Board of Geographic Names still has to approve the change, but as far as Minnesota (and Google Maps) is concerned, the years-long process to restore the original Dakota name of the state’s most popular lake has drawn to a close.”

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  1. Submitted by Tim Walker on 01/30/2018 - 01:35 pm.

    What’s the big deal about Muslims organizing to attend GOP caucuses to promote their political causes?

    Isn’t that what the entire caucus system is designed for?

    Why, you’d think the GOP is getting out of sorts because it’s the Muslims who are the ones doing the organizing.

    Why, it’s almost like the GOP is against religious freedom … but that can’t possibly be the case, right?

  2. Submitted by Bill Schletzer on 01/30/2018 - 02:33 pm.

    turnabout is fair play

    Exactly why was the “friend” infiltrating the Muslim gathering?

  3. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 01/30/2018 - 06:51 pm.

    The picture

    …emerging of the local Republican Party (we’ll leave aside the national one for the time being) is not a pretty one. Isn’t citizen participation supposed to be the bedrock of a democratic republic? Why does it matter to this official that some of the people attending a caucus training session (what sort of training would one need to attend a caucus?) don’t look just like him? Are there no Muslim Republicans? I’d certainly understand if the answer was “no,” but my guess is that, because a lot of small businesses (and some large ones, too) are run by Americans whose church is a mosque, there’d be some interest in the Muslim community in issues that matter to business owners and managers, and that’s a group that likely leans toward the Republican Party.

    Apparently, the GOP is only to be used, joined, or supported by people who look just like that “friend.”

  4. Submitted by Connie Sullivan on 01/31/2018 - 11:52 am.

    An amazing feature of the Somali immigration to Minneapolis is how quickly that community has devoted attention to getting involved in local politics, and having an impact on local government. They heavily attend DFL caucuses, and have so for several cycles, which is how they have been able to nominate and elect several Somali politicians (DFLers) to our City Council and the Legislature.

    They are not sitting back and letting life happen to them; befitting the educational and economic levels they brought with them from their hoe coiuntry, this community is determined to be a player. Way to go!

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