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Tax changes could mean big increase for Minnesotans

REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

How a tax cut becomes a tax hike. The Star Tribune’s J. Patrick Coolican reports: “The federal tax overhaul passed late last year could mean a hefty state tax increase for Minnesotans, according to a new estimate from state government. … If Minnesota simply adopts the same changes to the state tax code that Congress passed, state government would collect an additional $813 million next fiscal year, and $1.49 billion during the two years after that, according to an estimate circulated Monday by the state Dept. of Revenue.”

This makes us sick. MPR checks in on the state of the flu season: “Flu season is full swing in Minnesota. Between October and December, more than a thousand Minnesotans were hospitalized with the flu — and about a third of those cases cropped up in the week before New Year’s. … MPR News’s Cathy Wurzer spoke with Kris Ehresmann about the flu season so far. Ehresmann directs the Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Prevention and Control division at the Minnesota Department of Health.”

The latest on where things stand with the coming winter storm. The Star Tribune’s Tim Harlow reports: “Metro area residents can once again stand down. A storm poised to bring heavy snow to Minnesota Thursday morning will slide just to the south and east. … But it will be a very near miss. Places as close as Red Wing, Hastings and portions of Dakota County could see up to 7 inches of snow ….”

Super Bowl leaves no aspect of city untouched. KSTP’s Beth McDounough reports: “The city of Minneapolis confirmed Tuesday that Minneapolis Animal Care and Control is working to relocate all of its stray cats and dogs to other shelters or rescue agencies until the Super Bowl is over. … On any given night at the MACC facility, there are up to 200 stray dogs and cats sleeping in the kennels. … As of Tuesday evening, there are four remaining boarders: two dogs and two cats. ”

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  1. Submitted by Curtis Senker on 01/10/2018 - 03:27 pm.

    Minnesota had better do something to fix it’s tax mess, or heads will roll.

  2. Submitted by Tom Anderson on 01/10/2018 - 06:32 pm.

    State tax increases

    Would be nothing new, but this forecast is only if the State goes along with the Federal system (a longshot) and given the shortfall the State predicts, would this really be a bad thing? More important, would the money be coming from the “rich”? If so, again, why the handwringing?

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