Minnesota grandmother, suspected in two homicides, subject of nationwide hunt

Lois Riess
Lois Riess

This is one very unusual story. The Washington Post is on it: “With her platinum blonde hair and a cherubic smile, Lois Riess looks in photos like what she is — a 56-year-old grandmother from small-town America. And that, authorities say, makes her even more dangerous. For the past three weeks, police say, Riess has led them on a nationwide pursuit —from the southeast Minnesota worm farm where they found her husband shot to death last month; to Florida, where they suspect Riess befriended and killed a woman who looks like her to steal her identity; and finally to Texas, where police fear she may find her next target. ‘She smiles and looks like anyone’s mother or grandmother, but she’s calculating, she’s targeting and she’s an absolute cold-blood killer,’ Carmine Marceno, a deputy sheriff in Lee County, Florida.”

Eight. Says the AP, “The police chief in a Minnesota city where an 8-year-old slashed three other students with a knife says he wishes he knew why the boy did it. Sauk Rapids Police Chief Perry Beise says the boy randomly cut three children at Pleasantview Elementary School on Monday morning, then went into the office and set the knife down. Beise says that when officers arrived, the boy was in a counselor’s office while the three children, who were not seriously hurt, were being treated by the school nurse. The chief says he doesn’t know if the boy had been bullied or had mental health issues. He says the boy cooperated with investigators.”

Says Mike Longaecker of the Forum News Service, “Bail was set at $500,000 on Monday for a western Wisconsin man who prosecutors say killed his 19-year-old son last weekend. St. Croix County District Attorney Michael Nieskes said during the bail hearing that first-degree intentional homicide charges were expected to be filed Tuesday against 42-year-old Kayle Alan Fleischauer of New Richmond in the shooting death of his son, St. Paul resident Chase Alan Fleischauer, who also had attended college in Brainerd.”

Consider yourselves very lucky, St. Paul. Tim Harlow and Gulam Jalani of the Star Tribune say, “Minneapolis officials said 420 vehicles had been towed by 1 p.m. Monday in the first phase of the city’s snow emergency. … On the other side of the river, St. Paul drivers caught a break. … The city’s contract with lots that accept violators expired Friday, so the city towed zero vehicles, said Lisa Hiebert, a spokeswoman with St. Paul Public Works.”

The Senator v. Sun Country. Kristen Leigh Painter in the Strib says, “With the record-setting snowstorm shutting down Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for eight hours, Sun Country couldn’t get the planes down to Mexico and back in time for them to begin the new routes they were assigned to on Sunday. The circumstance, infrequent but not unprecedented, stranded approximately 250 people and became a costly lesson in the trade-offs involved in choosing airlines. For the airline, it has become a PR problem, prompting grievances on social media and a rebuke from Sen. Tina Smith. ‘… it is troublesome to see a domestic carrier abandoning its passengers in a foreign country, forcing them to find their own way home and to incur further expense of time and money,’ Smith wrote in a letter asking the Department of Transportation to investigate Sun Country’s move.”

I’m too deep in despair to even care. Says MPR’s Paul Huttner, “More snow Wednesday. I know. But if the models are right this could, repeat could, be our last significant snow event for a while. Possibly until next fall. Our next system is a quick hitter and won’t linger. Looks for a wintry mix late Tuesday night favoring all snow Wednesday.”

Matt Sepic of MPR reports, “A Minnesota judge on Monday granted federal prosecutors an additional 60 days to get a grand jury indictment against three Illinois men accused of bombing a Minnesota mosque last summer. In March, prosecutors charged 47-year-old Michael Hari, 29-year-old Michael McWhorter, and 22-year-old Joe Morris in the pipe bombing of the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington.”

Somebody has taken the rock ‘n roll outlaw thing too seriously. Says Jay Boller in City Pages, “Cameron Heacock, frontman of Minneapolis hard-rock band American Head Charge, was arrested last Wednesday in Costa Mesa, California. Cops busted Heacock, 40, in a stolen van that housed 13 stolen guitars, nine of which were lifted from a nearby Guitar Center, according to officials. Investigators were led to a storage unit loaded with more allegedly stolen items, CBS Los Angeles reports.  Among the other items discovered inside the van and storage unit: two motorcycles, a scooter, a leaf blower, and a boat engine … .”

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  1. Submitted by Henk Tobias on 04/17/2018 - 11:03 am.

    Trump didn’t comment on the Mosque bombing, but has been

    very quick to comment on crimes committed by suspected Muslim perpetrators. I guess his adviser at the time, Sebastian Gorka told him it was a false hate crime. I wonder if he’ll comment now?

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