Twin Cities brace for possibility of messy, ‘historic’ storm


I won’t rest until I find someone to blameSays the PiPress: “This weekend’s winter-like weather could shape up to ‘be an historic storm if the current forecast pans out,’ according to the National Weather Service. Friday might seem spring-like at first. Rain and possibly a thunderstorm are in the Twin Cities forecast with a high near 40. But as temperatures fall, heavy snow is expected to hit west-central and southwest Minnesota along with northern Wisconsin starting Friday afternoon and continuing into Saturday night. Between 8 to 15 inches are likely, with totals possibly reaching 18 inches in some areas, the weather service said. The Twin Cities could see 8 to 12 inches.”

Says Paul Douglas, “We’re all fixated on snow Friday night and Saturday, but the atmospheric profile may be ripe for an extended period of sleet (ice pellets) and freezing rain (rain freezing on contact with cold surfaces). As much as .25″+ of glaze ice may accumulate from the Twin Cities to Mankato and Northfield, based on latest guidance. Factor in 30 mph plus winds and you have all the ingredients for power outages.” I blame Obama.

Player-coach Whalen. Says a U of M statement: “Mark Coyle announced Thursday that Lindsay Whalen, one of the most decorated players in women’s basketball history, will return to the University of Minnesota as the new head women’s basketball coach at her alma mater. … As part of Whalen’s agreement to become head coach, which is pending approval from the University’s Board of Regents, she will continue to play for the Minnesota Lynx.”

Jennings Brown at Gizmodo is following the Case of the Mummified Monkey. “After a Minneapolis Facebook group posted a photo of a mummified monkey discovered inside a historic building, Minnesota sleuths scrambled to figure out how it ended up there. … .”

In the Strib, Paul Walsh has this, “At a news conference at the State Capitol Thursday, Gov. Mark Dayton took a detour from talking about more weighty topics to offer another possible explanation for the monkey’s presence in the store’s ceiling. … He recalled that the store had added a rain forest exhibit on the eighth floor that featured live monkeys and birds. … ‘Somebody didn’t figure out that the monkeys were carnivores,’ Dayton said. ‘I won’t get into the graphic details. … But the next day they had a netting up to segregate and separate the birds from the monkeys. And they said one monkey got out and went into the air duct.’”

The People of Walmart will appreciate the makeover. Says Kavita Kumar in the Strib, “Target isn’t the only retailer sprucing up its stores in the Twin Cities. Walmart is shelling out $35 million this year to remodel about 10 stores across Minnesota, including metro-area stores in Apple Valley, Fridley, and Woodbury. It is also rolling out more enhancements to stores such as its curbside grocery pickup service which will be added to another 14 Minnesota stores this year.” 

Gummint spending! Says Matt Sepic at MPR, “The city of Minneapolis is planning to move 1,300 employees to a new municipal office building slated to go up on Government Plaza in about two years. The 10-story glass and aluminum structure is part of a $210 million project that also includes City Hall renovations. The building will replace a parking ramp on Fourth Avenue South that’s scheduled for demolition this summer.”

This sounds reasonable. Tim Pugmire, also at MPR, says, “Minnesota lawmakers are proposing new requirements for health care providers to share with patients their prices on common procedures. Under legislation moving through the state Senate, providers would have to post the prices for their 25-most commonly billed services at their clinic and on their websites.”

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  1. Submitted by Pat McGee on 04/13/2018 - 08:01 am.

    New City office building

    Promises to be a disaster unless the designers start listening to what the needs of work units and staff are. “open” is not conducive to doing any work which requires thought. Much work done by city staff deals with systems that need to be secure and private (think criminal justice, sex crimes, and more). The city is not an organization with people engaged in creative thinking advertising team but with specialists who have no back ups and no one to work with but themselves.

    An “open” space will be noisy and make phone calls, conference calls utterly impossible to conduct. The low wall design was discredited by reputable studies years ago and the city is ignoring what actually constitutes productivity enhancing work spaces for different types of work.

    • Submitted by Pat Berg on 04/13/2018 - 12:04 pm.

      Open space

      Where does it say it’s an open floor plan? I didn’t see that in the linked article.

      (And I agree with you about what a disaster an “open” floor plan is with regards to maintaining a productive work environment.)

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