Minneapolis to consider raising tobacco-buying age to 21

MinnPost photo by Corey Anderson

Says MPR,The Minneapolis City Council will hold a public hearing Monday on a proposal to raise the city’s tobacco-buying age to 21. If the proposal is approved, Minneapolis would join several other Minnesota communities that have made similar moves in recent months, including Edina, Bloomington, Plymouth, St. Louis Park and North Mankato. Minneapolis City Council member Andrew Johnson is a co-author of the proposal being considered. He said he wants to be part of the regional push to address the public health issue.” Where Edina goes, Minneapolis follows. 

OK. The AP writes: “A Minneapolis indoor market has been temporarily shut down by the city for not having the required food license. The city served a search warrant at Uptown Locavore last week over concerns it was distributing raw, unpasteurized milk and uninspected beef. Health Commissioner Gretchen Musicant says it’s legal to buy raw milk in Minnesota, but it has to be directly from a farmer. The health department says the market doesn’t have a license to operate a grocery or food-related business. Operator Will Winter thinks the city is treating him unfairly. He says the market isn’t a store but a private buyers’ club.” 

A look at Vet courts. Kirsti Marohn at MPR reports, “It’s been nearly five years since Stearns County and the city of St. Cloud launched a program aimed at helping veterans charged with an offense related to mental health or substance use. The Veterans Protocol offers an alternative court process to veterans whose military experience — either during war or peace — may have contributed to their legal problems. The program was modeled after veterans’ courts in other Minnesota counties like Washington and Hennepin.”

On trial. In the Star Tribune, Joe Carlson says, “A widely used patient warming system from 3M Co. takes center stage in a federal trial scheduled to begin Monday in Minneapolis that could affect thousands of patients who came down with serious joint infections after surgery. South Carolina retiree Louis Gareis, 76, says that 3M’s Bair Hugger warming device most likely caused a serious infection in his artificial hip joint by depositing bacteria-laden particles in his surgical wound in 2010. … Maplewood-based 3M denies that its device caused Gareis’ injury and argues that no legitimate science shows his theory of the infection is credible.”

Not something you see every day. Stribber Paul Walsh writes, “A Twin Cities man’s phone charger caught fire as he drove along an interstate and engulfed his vehicle in flames, authorities said Saturday. The incident occurred about 7:15 p.m. Friday on Interstate 94 in central North Dakota, about 15 miles west of Mandan, according to the Highway Patrol. … Firefighters from nearby New Salem arrived and doused the flames but not before the SUV was ‘burned completely’, a statement from the patrol read. Susla was driving a Nissan Xterra. The type or model of the phone charger was not reported.”

In City Pages, Pete Kotz writes about recent attempts by Republicans to float gun-control bills. “They were little more than window dressing, designed to look pretty and promptly wilt with haste. Senator Warren Limmer, a Maple Grove Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary’s public safety committee, had already vowed to block any bill from ever getting a vote. He’s made good on that promise. House Speaker Kurt Daudt (R-Crown) has also refused a vote on any bill that lacks the stamp of approval from the NRA, essentially handing the group veto power over state law. Anderson, Loon and Pugh knew their bills would go nowhere. That was the point.”

This is … somthing. Over at Fox News. we have this opinion piece from Lauren DeBellis Appell. “A bill in the Minnesota Senate that would allow schools in the state to voluntarily display the national motto ‘In God We Trust’ has state Democrats spiraling into fits of outrage, because God offends them. By waging war on God, they are showing contempt for people of faith and disregard for the history of our country. … The Democratic Party has been completely hijacked by political correctness, which is one of the reasons Donald Trump was elected president. Voters saw the assault on their religious freedoms and the war on God and people of faith by the Democrats. That’s why the faith community has rallied behind this president so intently.” 

Vital information if you park a vehicle. S.M. Chavey of the PiPress says, “In downtown St. Paul, not all parking meters were created equal. Their pricing is similar (excluding event prices). It’s the location that affects the likelihood of a vehicle being ticketed. … The most-ticketed street is Wabasha Street, with nearly 2,800 tickets — 8.3 percent of all tickets resolved from the start of 2016 to the end of 2017. There were another 2,400 on St. Peter Street, 2,219 on Sibley Street and 2,166 on Kellogg Boulevard. Those four streets accounted for nearly one in every three tickets resolved.” 

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Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by RB Holbrook on 05/14/2018 - 09:27 am.

    Fits of Outrage!

    I can’t speak for all Democrats, but my own fit of outrage over a bill to allow the voluntary display of “In God We Trust” is because the Legislature is wasting time on this obvious dog-whistle ordure. They can’t get anything substantive done, so the Republicans have decided to do something to rile up the base. Perhaps we should be outraged that they seem to think the voters are dumb enough to be duped by this.

    And yes, “Fits of Outrage” would make a great band name. I’ve already called dibs.

  2. Submitted by Henk Tobias on 05/14/2018 - 09:43 am.

    Excellent Example of Republican Governance

    “House Speaker Kurt Daudt (R-Crown) has also refused a vote on any bill that lacks the stamp of approval from the NRA, essentially handing the group veto power over state law.”

    Its all about the cash, NRA funds campaigns, NRA gets to run our state Government. At one time Republicans professed to be anti-special interest, now special interests are the only ones being heard by elected Republicans. Note to Conservatives, the NRA is a special interest group.

  3. Submitted by James Hamilton on 05/14/2018 - 11:05 am.

    Oh, yeah. It’s merely politics.

    Given the wide-ranging views in America over exactly what or who God is and what it might command of its followers, I fail to understand why any person, religious or otherwise, would favor this.

    Shall we say, “In the god of the Torah/Bible/Koran we trust” or something else entirely?

    Will our children and grandchildren by compelled to recite “In God We Trust” each morning, along with the Pledge of Allegiance?

    Will Christians tolerate a child who says, “I Allah I trust”?, when the word is merely Arabic for God?

  4. Submitted by James Hamilton on 05/14/2018 - 11:06 am.

    Tobacco age

    21 this year, 22 the next, and another year every year, ad infinitum.

    There is no justification for the sale of a poison, regardless of age.

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