Wells Fargo accused of outing family in protection program

Wells Fargo
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Wells Fargo continues to deliver customer disservice. The Star Tribune’s Paul Walsh reports: “They were supposed to feel safe, after the sexual assault and the death threats that followed. … But a southern Minnesota mother and daughter felt their fear return when they opened the day’s mail and learned that their state-supported efforts to keep at bay a man who raped the young woman had been compromised by their mortgage lender. … Wells Fargo and one of its mortgage bankers in Mankato had mistakenly outed the family, which had sought refuge in the state’s Safe at Home victim protection program, according to a lawsuit filed Monday by the family.”

Sounds like a cool place. For City Pages, Jacob Steinberg writes: “When the lingering snow from northern Minnesota’s long winter finally recedes, David Abazs’s idyllic homestead in the woods becomes a never-ending to-do list. … There’s manure to pile and compost to spread. Seedlings must be transplanted from trays to pots before eventually making their way into the ground. Everything is on a schedule, and right now, that means ‘everywhere is digging,’ according to Abazs. His days are filled with work, but at least the mosquitos aren’t out yet. …The ethos of sustainability extends beyond Abazs’s property line. It has come to define the tiny community of Finland, Minnesota, a township nestled between the ridges of the Sawtooth Mountains, where the east and west branches of the Baptism River converge. Home to around 450 people, Finland presents a blip of vitality in a region struggling to square an identity forged long ago with the economic realities of today.”

Paying the Phifer … a visit. The Duluth News Tribune’s Brady Slater checks in with the former 8th District candidate: “Three weeks ago today, Leah Phifer ended a congressional campaign which just days before led every ballot at the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party’s 8th District endorsement convention. … Despite being the front-runner, Phifer failed to earn enough delegates for the party’s endorsement. Instead of strengthening the campaign’s resolve, the convention experience yielded a reversal and saw Phifer fold up her candidacy. She left the race saying her campaign was always reliant on winning the endorsement and that she saw no way forward in terms of fundraising without full party backing. … In the time since, Phifer used a sunny vacation to recuperate from seven months of campaigning. She returned home to schedule one last gathering with her supporters. They’ll meet May 20 along the North Shore for a potluck and what Phifer called ‘closure.’”

We’d bee remiss not to include this story out of Hackensack. MPR’s Dan Gunderson reports: “Don’t tell Jack Thomas that you talk to your bees. … Also, don’t mention that you think of the honeybees you’re buying from him as pets. He will not be with you. … While Thomas loves selling bee starter kits to amateurs, and his beekeeping supply business is rolling thanks partly to the heightened concern over bee health, he’s less interested in your spiritual connection to the creatures than he is in making sure you keep them alive. …  ‘We got a lot of hobby beekeepers. They say, “I talk to my bees. They’re not going to get mites.” And we say, “OK, good luck,” ’ Thomas, 81, laughed as his staff handed over boxes filled with bees Saturday in what’s become a popular annual rite of spring here known as Bee Day.”

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    “Best Buy gets new logo and marketing campaign focused on blue-shirt experts” Would some of these blue-shirt experts be the same ones laid off some years back in a cost-cutting move because their experience and expertise made them too expensive to keep corporate executives and company executives happy?

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