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Hennepin County approves more money for Southwest LRT

MinnPost photo by Bill Kelley

Matt Sepic and Tim Nelson at MPR say, “The Hennepin County Board on Thursday committed to spending another $204 million on the Southwest light rail project — the biggest public works project in state history. The Metropolitan Council, which would build and operate the line, said earlier this month that the total estimated cost for the 14.5-mile line had reached $2,003,000. The federal government has pledged $929 million to the project and Hennepin County will pay for the rest through a half-cent sales tax and a $20 car excise tax earmarked for transportation.”

Remember this one? The AP reports, “The Anoka County Attorney’s Office will not file criminal charges against a motorist who fatally shot a driver who threatened others with a knife following a multi-vehicle crash. Police say 33-year-old Simon Schiffler got out of his truck and was acting erratically after he was involved in a four-vehicle crash in Fridley last February. Authorities say Schiffler molested a woman who had gotten out of her car at the accident scene, then began stabbing at the window of another driver. Another motorist stopped to help and took his handgun out of the holster. Police say Schiffler raised his knife and charged at the man, who then fired his gun. Schiffler was shot three times and died of his injuries.”

Probation for Diamond Reynolds. Chao Xiong of the Strib says, “Diamond Reynolds, who rose to international attention after livestreaming a police officer killing her boyfriend, Philando Castile, was sentenced Wednesday to a year of probation for assaulting a woman last year. An emotional Reynolds said afterward that she hoped to move to Atlanta and pursue a number of business ventures, including fashion and a book and documentary about her life.”

As long there’s a Panera and a Jimmy John’s. Stribber Nicole Norfleet writes, “Mortenson has been selected to lead the mixed-use development of the nearly 25 acres surrounding Minnesota United’s new soccer stadium in St. Paul. Plans for the property, located at the busy intersection of Snelling and University avenues in the Midway area, include offices, retail, entertainment, hospitality and residential buildings. The property is owned by New York-based RD Management.”

No checked bag fee? Are these people commies or what? Says Paul Walsh in the Strib, “A small and relatively new commercial airline carrier announced its entry into Minnesota on Thursday, offering nonstop service connecting Rochester and two warm-weather locales. Elite Airways will begin on July 19 operating flights between the home of the Mayo Clinic and two cities where the health care provider also has facilities: Phoenix and northeastern Florida. … Elite Airways, which is headquartered in Maine and bases its operations in Orlando, does not charge passengers for their first checked bag, up to 50 pounds, and there is also no fee for changing an itinerary.”

So apparently you can eat celebrity appeal. Jennifer Mayerle of WCCO-TV reports, “Thousands showed up to welcome the Wahlberg brothers to Mall of America Thursday. People began lining up at about 3:30 a.m. to get a good spot inside the rotunda to see Donnie, Mark, and Paul Wahlberg. Their 55-hundred square foot restaurant, called Wahlburgers, officially opened last week.”

Another three bite the dust. The AP reports“Sears released a list of 63 stores that it said will close in September. It said earlier in the day there would be 72 closed, but said some were being re-evaluated. The list of stores to close includes a Kmart in Duluth and Sears stores in Brooklyn Center and Duluth.”

The kids mount a response. Cleo Krejci at The Minnesota Daily says, “University of Minnesota students are organizing a response to the delay of a controversial fellowship. Last week, University student government leaders launched a petition demanding a reproductive rights advocacy fellowship be reinstated after it was delayed by University officials earlier this month following controversy over its medical training involving abortions. Among a variety of concerns, the petition claims the University gave in to pressure from members of the Minnesota Legislature who threatened to deny funding for the University if the fellowship was not removed. As of May 30, around 2,500 people have signed the petition.”

In very similar vein, Mike Mullen at City Pages says, “Conservative talker Ben Shapiro has interesting thoughts about discrimination. He’s said ‘white privilege’ is ‘a leftist bull[bleep] term that means ‘shut up, because you are not a member of a minority group,’ and ‘reverse racism of the highest order.’ … He adds: ‘Talk about discrimination doesn’t make the social fabric better, not when the discrimination is phantom.’ One supporter of Shapiro’s has at last found one victim of discrimination that is not ‘phantom’: Ben Shapiro. In a letter published by the Young America’s Foundation, an alumnus from the University of Minnesota says he’ll no longer donate to his alma mater after its treatment of Shapiro during his February appearance on campus.” Will the victimization of white men never end?

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  1. Submitted by Jeffrey Swainhart on 06/01/2018 - 05:46 am.


    Quick, buy it before the price goes up. $2,003,000,000? Oh.

  2. Submitted by Henk Tobias on 06/01/2018 - 07:18 am.


    I liked that Sears Store in Brooklyn Park, never a problem parking and no crowds…hmm…I wonder?

  3. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 06/01/2018 - 07:21 am.

    Just sayin’

    “…Will the victimization of white men never end?”

    To those accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.

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