MNLARS still troubled — and running out of money again

Jessie Van Berkel of the Star Tribune says, “Minnesota businesses that handle vehicle registration, titles and licensing told lawmakers Wednesday that despite a recent system update, they are still struggling with the state’s computer system for managing those transactions. … State officials told lawmakers they are working with system users to prioritize remaining fixes, but can only do so much after they received less than one-quarter of the $43 million they requested from the Legislature this year.” Is it too late to just go back to 5×7 note cards?

Over at the PiPress, Dave Orrick says, “Minnesota’s beleaguered computer system for vehicle titles and tabs won’t be fixed before the agencies responsible for it run out of money, officials said Wednesday. … As it stands, the earliest any new funding could come is next winter when a new Legislature — and a new governor — convene. Except for emergency appropriations, most funding approved then will start flowing July 1, 2019. In the meantime, state information technology officials said, state workers and contractors are scrambling to fix the highest-priority things.”

On the Thomas Blevins shooting by police and the body cam video release, Jon Collins at MPR says, “The decision by Minneapolis to release video footage of a police shooting before the entire investigation concludes is something new to the state, but it could set an example for other cities dealing with police shootings. The decision by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to release body camera footage was supported by protesters and family members who attended a City Council meeting Wednesday afternoon, but some called on the city to do more to prevent shootings by police.”

Not goodWCCO-TV reports: “The Minnesota Department of Corrections says an investigation is underway after one of its officers was assaulted by an offender Wednesday morning. According to officials, a corrections officer in the sergeant rank was seriously attacked by an offender at Minnesota Correctional Facility — Oak Park Heights. The officer suffered non-life threatening injuries.”

Trump in ND, and the AP has this: “Donald Trump urged North Dakota voters on Wednesday to fire “liberal Democrat” Sen. Heidi Heitkamp in November, claiming that she promised to be an independent mind but instead has voted in lockstep with her party leadership and against his agenda. …Called to the microphone by the president, [GOP Rep. Kevin] Cramer thanked Trump for rolling back federal regulations, cutting taxes and, ‘on behalf of the most vulnerable forgotten people, the unborn babies, thank you for standing for life.’ He pledged to always be with Trump.” Noted.

And to complete his Upper Midwest swing … “President Donald Trump is coming to Wisconsin to officiate at Thursday’s ceremonial groundbreaking for the massive Foxconn Technology Group project in Racine County — and to put his personal stamp on his vision of an American manufacturing revival,” says the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “And while he’s in one of the country’s pivotal battleground states, he’ll also raise some campaign cash for Republicans. But the visit comes amid a swirl of controversy, as Trump has launched attacks against Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson over its reaction to his trade policies.

On Trump and the Supreme Court, the Strib editorializes, “A president who wields power like few before him has received a stunning — and disconcerting — affirmation from the U.S. Supreme Court of just how expansive his reach is, at least as regards immigration. It is a ruling that should put voters on high alert as they approach midterm elections that carry unusually high stakes if this nation is to preserve the system of checks and balances that is the foundation of American democracy. … If the nation is to have a high court that adheres strictly to the text of the law, ignoring animus and giving the greatest possible deference to the executive, a new Congress could — and should — reassert its authority if there is to be any check at all on the presidency.”

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  1. Submitted by Henk Tobias on 06/28/2018 - 12:36 pm.

    Poor Heidi

    All that sucking up, 12 plus meetings with Donald, she sat next to him as he signed a bill rolling back banking protections meant to stop another 2008 type melt down, and yet, Donald attacks her on her own turf. That’s so unlike him, she must be heartbroken.

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