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Police suspect tow trucks in uptick in Marcy Holmes car thefts

The GleanPretty brazen. The Minnesota Daily’s Hannah Ovcharchyn reports: “The Minneapolis Police Department is wary of a recent spike in auto thefts in Marcy-Holmes, which officers believe are the result of criminals utilizing tow trucks. … Officers suspect auto thieves are using tow trucks to inconspicuously steal cars and sell either the car or its parts to make a profit. The police department is unsure of the tow trucks’ origins, but is investigating several leads to try to uncover the suspects.”

Interesting report from Marshall Helmberger in the Timberjay:When it comes to sexual harassment in the #MeToo era, the Democratic Farmer-Labor Party under the leadership of party chair Ken Martin has promised zero tolerance. It was a point that Martin drove home last year when he became one of the first political leaders in the state to call for the resignation of his own party’s popular junior Senator, Al Franken, over allegations that he had behaved inappropriately with several women. He also called for the resignations of members of the Legislature, of both parties, when similar allegations arose earlier this year. … But as Martin and other party officials have learned in recent months, any change in the culture of an organization can take time and face setbacks when not everyone is on board with the new way of doing business. That can be particularly true with political parties, which tend to swell with newly-hired, and often young, staff for every election cycle and where the lines of authority between campaigns and the party itself are not always clear. Add to that a large number of elected officials aligned with the party, many with differing attitudes toward what is acceptable behavior in a workplace, and you have a recipe for potential disappointment and recrimination. … Like that experienced by Christopher Horoshak.”

Ironclad business model. In Inc. Magazine, Leigh Buchanan writes: “In medieval times, rust was a hassle. Knights would battle in the rain, blood slicking their armor. Back at the castle they’d remove their chain mail and place it in casks filled with sand; children rolled the casks around the keep. ‘That would polish it up and get rid of any rust,’ Edie Ramstad says. ‘Now we have electric tumblers that do that.’ … Ramstad is the founder of Weave Got Maille, a manufacturer of chain mail supplies in Ada, Minnesota. (‘Maille’ is the archaic spelling of ‘mail.’) The company has dabbled in prop and costume work, crafting a few pieces for Game of Thrones and chain mail car seat covers for an unnamed Marvel film debuting next year. Mostly, though, Ramstad and her 16 employees produce jump rings — the tiny metal hoops from which mail is woven–as well as clasps, ear wires, and other materials for chain mail jewelry making.”

Ah, glad that whole thing blew over. The Star Tribune’s Paul Walsh reports: “The Minnesota Twins have resumed their business relationship with the Papa John’s pizza brand, citing its dedication to a local franchisee, despite the recent national uproar over the founder using a racial slur during a conference telephone call. … Forbes first revealed the utterance by John Schnatter earlier this month, reporting that he used the N-word during a media training session in May, and the comment led the marketing agency to sever its ties with the company. … Soon after the Forbes report, the Twins front office followed other Major League Baseball teams and “indefinitely suspended” its relationship with the pizza chain. That suspension was lifted Monday, the team announced, pointing to its seven-year partnership with DMD Minnesota Pizzas, who owns local Papa John’s franchises. … ‘Based on our local partnership experience, the Twins believe the comments made by Schnatter are not reflective of the views or actions of DMD Minnesota Pizza,’ the team announcement read.

In other news…

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