Johnson campaign says DFL tracker entered lieutenant governor candidate’s home

Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson and running mate Donna Bergstrom
MinnPost file photo by Greta Kaul
Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson and running mate Donna Bergstrom shown at their primary victory party.

Yeah, that’s a little far. WCCO reports: “The Democratic party is responding after Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson accused a DFL tracker of entering his running mate’s home. … Johnson said a minor he believed to be a tracker, someone who follows an opponent candidate on the campaign trail, entered Donna Bergstrom’s house under false pretenses. … The DFL issued a statement, saying they identified the person. … DFL Chairman Ken Martin said it was an overzealous teenage intern who has never been a DFL employee.

Seems reasonable. The Star Tribune’s Eric Roper reports: “Calling 911 for medical problems in Minneapolis generates a big response. The city Fire Department dispatches a half-million-dollar fire engine with several firefighters, even for minor issues like a sprained ankle. … A smaller vehicle operated by the Minneapolis Fire Department may begin responding to some health emergencies around downtown next year, one way the department is dealing with its growing volume of medical emergency calls. The move would also help the department get reimbursed for some of its work.”

Climate change at the ballot box. MPR’s Cody Nelson writes: “Despite the growing body of proof showing the warming climate is affecting Minnesota in countless ways from making floods more intense and frequent to bringing new infectious diseases to the state, strategies for addressing climate change and protecting the environment are taking a backseat in many races this midterm election season. … An analysis of the Minnesota governor’s race, U.S. Senate contests and key congressional matchups shows that climate change policy continues to be a focus for mostly Democratic candidates. … It’s due in part to voters prioritizing other issues before the climate.”

What a time to be alive. The Star Tribune’s John Ewoldt reports:The major grocery without delivery in the Twin Cities — the fast-growing Aldi chain — is about to add the service. … Aldi last year partnered with Instacart, the San Francisco firm that hires personal shoppers to complete and deliver its customers’ orders, to handle delivery services from stores in a handful of markets. Over the next two months, it will expand the effort to 75 major markets, including the Twin Cities, in 35 states.”

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  1. Submitted by Pat Berg on 09/27/2018 - 02:29 pm.

    I wonder if the Aldi delivery person will just leave the groceries scattered on your front step and make you bag them? (snark alert)

    Sorry – but I just find the Aldi shopping experience at the checkout line to be really offputting. They hand you your receipt and then almost literally push you out of the way to get to the next customer, even if you’re still trying to get your stuff together (put your wallet away, etc.). Just feels really unfriendly. I’d rather pay a bit more for a better experience.

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