Court denies petition to block release of Ellison divorce file

Kim Ellison
MinnPost photo by Peter Callaghan
Kim Ellison speaking at Tuesday's press conference flanked by sons Isaiah and Jeremiah.

In the Star Tribune, Jessie Van Berkel and Hannah Covington write, “Kim Ellison said Tuesday that she has been the one pushing to keep records of her divorce with U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison private, while the Minnesota Court of Appeals denied the Ellisons’ last-minute attempt to block the release of some information in the file. Their divorce file is expected to be unsealed Wednesday, following a District Court order issued last week by a Hennepin County Family Court referee. … Her ex-husband, who is the DFL candidate for attorney general, is not the one who wants to keep the documents private, she said.”

Also in the Star Tribune, Jeremy Olson writes, “Minnesota is reporting a seventh case of a rare, paralyzing illness in children that has now been detected in 22 states. Federal health officials are trying to confirm that the child has acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM, a polio-like illness that causes paralysis or limited mobility, said Kris Ehresmann, who directs the infectious disease section of the Minnesota Department of Health.”

Says Laura Yuen fo MPR, “When then-FBI agent Terry Albury leaked classified documents to a reporter in 2016, he says, he was in the throes of an internal crisis. As the only black field agent for most of his five years in the Minneapolis division, he struggled to overcome what became ‘an insurmountable moral conflict,’ according to recent court documents filed by his attorneys. On the one hand, he had sworn to uphold the law. On the other, the documents say, he had become disenchanted with FBI counterterrorism practices that he regarded as profiling and intimidating to minority communities. U.S. District Judge Wilhelmina Wright will sentence the 39-year-old Albury Thursday morning in St. Paul.”

Also at MPR, Max Nesterak says, “The Red Lake Nation and the city of Minneapolis are rushing to build emergency shelter for around 200 people living at the state’s largest homeless encampment. The new shelter, a so-called ‘navigation center,’ has never been built before in Minnesota. The site for the future navigation center was offered by the Red Lake Nation. It’s about an acre of asphalt and concrete, just across the eight-lane Hiawatha Avenue from more than 150 tents pitched along a concrete sound barrier.”

A KARE-TV story by Gordon Severson says, “All the way from Alabama, 85 dogs traveled more than 1,200 miles to arrive at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. From Chihuahuas to hounds to lab mixes, there’s a pup for everyone. … Most of the dogs had been in shelters for weeks before Hurricane Michael hit. They were sent to Minnesota to make room for the new batch of stray animals that got lost during the storm.”

Says Stribber Paul Walsh, “Authorities in northwestern Wisconsin are tracking hundreds of tips and scrutinizing social media and phone records in a rapidly expanding search for a 13-year-old girl who has been missing since her parents were slain in the family’s home outside Barron, Wis. … In one of two news conferences Tuesday to update the public on the status of the case, Fitzgerald also shed more light on the 911 call from a cellphone in the home that brought deputies to the scene early Monday.”

Josh Verges of the PiPress reports, “In the wake of a political maelstrom over the Senate confirmation of his newest colleague, Chief Justice John Roberts told a University of Minnesota crowd Tuesday that the U.S. Supreme Court ‘must be very different’ from Congress and the office of the president. … Asked about the court’s light workload — they’ve accept about half as many cases as past courts — he said he’d like to do more. ‘I’m one of the ones who think we should do more, but the cases aren’t there,’ he said. He speculated that easy online access to past cases has made disagreements among the lower courts increasingly rare.”

At Investment News, Bruce Kelly reports, “A federal judge has granted class action status to a lawsuit brought by a financial adviser who claimed Wells Fargo Advisors cheated him out of $200,000 in deferred compensation. … In the amended complaint, Mr. Berry, 65, argued that the Wells Fargo Advisors’ plans violated ERISA’s funding, vesting, and non-forfeitability rules, along with others.”

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  1. Submitted by Jackson Cage on 10/17/2018 - 07:16 am.

    As a parent of a child that’s worked for the Humane Society in both paid and volunteer capacities, I can tell you that trucking vast quantities of pets from the South up here is a common event. Ya know, these abandoned animals come from those Red States that preach so much about Personal Responsibility .

    • Submitted by RB Holbrook on 10/17/2018 - 09:06 am.

      Ever since we adopted a rescue dog who came from Louisiana, we have run into many people with pets from Southern shelters. No-kill shelters are not that common down there, and taking in a rescue animal is not a part of the culture.

      • Submitted by ian wade on 10/17/2018 - 12:48 pm.

        So true, RB. Thanks for doing your part. We have a rat terrier that was a cruelty seizure from Arkansas. She was really broken when we got her but she’s blossomed into a great dog. More people need to give these animals a chance.

  2. Submitted by Frank Phelan on 10/17/2018 - 07:43 am.

    John Roberts should understand that while I was born at night, it wasn’t last night.

    If he thinks we will believe him when he is so patronizing as to tell us he and the court will continue to just call balls and strikes, he’s dumber than he thinks we are. But then this is the same guy who referred to “social gobbledygook” in one of the gerrymandering cases. No justice, what was presented to you was something called “math”, which should be understandable to anyone who can pass the bar.

    Conservative parties before the court will get all the balls, and none of the strikes. Consumers and workers get the strikes. Situation normal.

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