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Land O’Lakes faces calls for boycott over donation to U.S. Rep Steve King

Rep. Steve King
REUTERS/Toya Sarno Jordan
Rep. Steve King

The Washington Post’s Maura Judkis writes: “A Land O’Lakes’ political donation has churned up online cries for a boycott of its products. According to the Federal Election Commission, Land O’Lakes, the Arden Hills-based purveyor of grocery store staples such as butter, milk and cream, gave $2,500 to U.S. Rep. Steve King’s campaign on June 29. King is an Iowa Republican who is the member of Congress most openly affiliated with white nationalism. He has retweeted a Nazi sympathizer and has displayed a Confederate flag on his desk.”

The Star Tribune’s Andy Mannix reports: “Gail Schack called it a reckless gamble on the city’s neighborhoods. Sarah Tschida said it’s necessary for accommodating Minneapolis’ most vulnerable citizens. Several accused the city’s elected officials of selling out to developers. Hundreds showed up to City Hall Monday night to speak at the first formal hearing for the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan, enough to fill the City Council chambers and still require two rooms for overflow, before the Minneapolis Planning Commission voted 8-1 to send an amended version of the proposal to the City Council.”

In City Pages, Hannah Jones asks, “Minnesota and Wisconsin are similar in a lot of ways. Similar population, similar size, similar wealth, and similar affinities for putting cheese inside of hamburgers. But there are a few ways in which they’re strikingly different. For example: If you live in Wisconsin, you are twice as likely to get locked up as you are in Minnesota. A recent piece in the Economist says both states started to toughen up their prison sentences in the 1970s. Between 1978 and 2015, Minnesota’s inmate population rose from 132 residents out of 100,000 to 434 out of 100,000. But in that same time period, Wisconsin vaulted its rate of locking people up from 178 per every 100,000 to 925 people per 100,000.”

At the Strib, Judy Keen and Maya Rao say, “A new Republican TV ad ties Dan Feehan, the Democrat running in southern Minnesota’s First Congressional District, to the caravan of Central American immigrants headed to the southern U.S. border. Over images of marchers, an announcer says the caravan ‘is full of gang members and criminals’ and adds that Feehan would vote for ‘open borders and amnesty, putting Minnesota families at risk.’ … The Congressional Leadership Fund ads highlight the issue’s prominence in the final days of U.S. House campaigns. It has flared in other races here as President Donald Trump vows to stop the caravan.

Says Mara Gottfried at the Pioneer Press, “After a man fired a gunshot during a football game among 10-year-olds in St. Paul, children dropped to the ground while parents and coaches tried to cover them from any additional gunfire, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday. There were no additional shots and no one was injured, but the altercation left children and parents in tears. The Ramsey County attorney’s office charged Lemar Eugene Anderson, 27, of Little Canada, with threats of violence and carrying a pistol without a permit.”

Erin Adler of the Strib tells us, “A local nonprofit has raised enough to replace a giant inflatable colon stolen more than a week ago — and it can even purchase a second one. In addition, officials from the Edina-based Colon Cancer Coalition, owners of the colon, said police in Kansas City, Mo., recovered the original stolen colon Monday afternoon outside a vacant house. Thieves stole the inflatable colon-like tunnel from the back of a vehicle in Missouri on Oct. 18, perhaps thinking there was something else inside the nondescript, 150-pound shipping container.”

Also fo MPR, Cody Nelson writes, “If you’re looking for substantive coverage of issues including health care, economic policy or education this midterm election, it’s probably best to stay off social media. The most popular article about a Minnesota politician in the past year of campaigning comes from a right-wing website called the Tennessee Star. It’s about Keith Ellison and an abuse allegation from 13 years ago, which Minnesota news sources tried unsuccessfully to confirm years ago and which he denies. It’s separate from the recent claim from Karen Monahan that many news outlets have covered, including MPR News. The partisan news site was trying to derail the Democratic congressman’s run for Minnesota attorney general. On social media, Ellison is Minnesota’s most popular politician of the past year, an MPR News analysis finds.”

Stribber Chris Riemenschneider reports, “Coming off like a modern Twin Cities version of “We Are the World” with a DFL-sponsored mission to get-out-the-vote in next week’s midterm elections, a new music video hit the web Monday featuring a who’s who of local musicians singing Jeremy Messersmith’s Paul Wellstone-invoking ditty ‘We All Do Better.’ Among the participants in the short, two-minute, ultra-feel-good singalong clip are Dessa, Sean Tillmann (Har Mar Superstar), veteran piano man Cornbread Harris, Lori Barbero (Babes in Toyland), Justin Courtney Pierre (Motion City Soundtrack), Craig Minowa (Cloud Cult), Charlie Parr, Sophia Eris, Maggie Morrison, Mark Mallman, Sean Anonymous, Sims and Lazerbeak of Doomtree, gospel singers the Hurst Family Experience and Messersmith himself.”

Comments (10)

  1. Submitted by Mike Chrun on 10/30/2018 - 06:39 am.

    I’m sure we’ll see the usual false equivalency, but the level of cynicism and nastiness over the years by Republicans against Democratic candidates who are veterans can’t be equaled. The “Ominous Caravan” will work with Trump’s core of fearful, bigoted supporters; but, hopefully, the majority of Americans can see it for what it is: a stunt driven by Fox News, a political party, and a racist who have no depths to which they won’t go. Something is really, really wrong with people if they attack somebody like Feehan, a war veteran, as somebody who is a danger to our country. This ad I’m sure is being used in other parts of the country against other veterans also.

    • Submitted by Marc Post on 10/30/2018 - 09:02 am.

      This is nothing new. Remember what they did to McCain?

      • Submitted by Dave Carlson on 10/30/2018 - 11:22 am.

        It seems it was Trump who castigated McCain for having the audacity to be captured by the Viet Cong… I don’t remember Obama ever making light of McCain’s service to our country or his patriotism.

    • Submitted by Frank Phelan on 10/30/2018 - 09:13 am.

      It is both shocking and not surprising. This is the same Bush-Rove crowd that tagged triple amputee Vietnam vet Sen. Max Clelland as un-American because he didn’t fall in line with the Bush war hysteria. It was shameful then, and it’s shameful now, when draft dodgers call real heros cowards.

  2. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 10/30/2018 - 07:34 am.

    “…perhaps thinking there was something else inside the nondescript, 150-pound shipping container…” Who would steal a giant, inflatable plastic colon on purpose?

  3. Submitted by Curtis Senker on 10/30/2018 - 08:25 am.

    The Tennessee Star is a conservative version of Minnpost; I’m a fan of both. They report, create original stories and do investigative series.

    They are both clearly partisan, but certianly one no more so than the other.

  4. Submitted by Pat Brady on 10/30/2018 - 10:37 am.

    A week before the votes a will be counted, the GOP superpacs are throwing attack ads hoping something will stick and scare the crap out of voters. Too late…
    I have not watched regular tv for weeks. Will tune in for the votes totals next Tuesday night.

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