Delta restores nonstop flights from MSP to Mexico City

REUTERS/Jeff Haynes

Sort of the opposite of building a wall. The Star Tribune’s Kristen Leigh Painter reports: “Delta Air Lines, strengthened by its deep ties with Aeromexico, is relaunching nonstop service between Minneapolis-St. Paul and Mexico City. … The year-round, daily flight is slated to begin June 8.”

Real quandary for libs here. MPR’s Briana Bierschbach reports: “… [Mark] Steiger is president of the Pink Pistols, an LGBT gun rights group with chapters in dozens of cities across the nation. It’s been around in Minnesota for nearly two decades, hosting meetings at the gun range roughly once a month. … Members don’t have to be experienced shooters or even own a gun. … In fact, many people who show up have never shot a gun before — they come to learn how. … ‘Our slogan is: “Armed gays don’t get bashed,” ’ Steiger said.”

Caused $40k in damage. KSTP’s Rebecca Omastiak reports: “A postal worker from St. Paul who was charged after he reportedly fired shots at the Federal Reserve Bank in downtown Minneapolis is expected to enter a guilty plea Monday. … According to authorities, on July 21, Christopher Douglas Wood fired shots from near the roof at the Minneapolis Central Post Office during the Minneapolis Aquatennial fireworks display.”

Gross. Bring Me The News’ Adam Uren reports: “Just weeks before she’ll start her tenure, the new state representative for Edina has been on the receiving end of some hate mail. … Democrat Heather Edelson last month won election in House District 49A, covering Edina, defeating Republican incumbent Dario Anselmo. … But while Anselmo didn’t express any hard feelings over his loss, at least one person isn’t happy with Edelson’s victory, judging by a letter that Edelson shared on Twitter on Friday. … It called into question the commitment of Edelson to her three sons, who all attend Edina Public Schools, suggesting that they’re ‘taking a back seat’ because Edelson decided to run for office.

In other news…

More like NEIN-stedt:Former Archbishop Nienstedt prohibited from celebrating Mass in Twin Cities ” [Pioneer Press]

The Shame of Duluth:As Va. GOP seeks new course, Corey Stewart says he’s finished with statewide politics” [Washington Post]

Just another day in Blaine:Blaine police searching for ‘armed and intoxicated’ male” [KSTP]

Where’s the beef:An Arby’s closes and a fast food gap emerges in downtown Minneapolis” [Star Tribune]

Governor obviously thinking about his legacy:Garth Brooks adds second Minneapolis show after Mark Dayton asks” [Pioneer Press]

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  1. Submitted by B. Dalager on 12/17/2018 - 01:34 pm.

    Mark’s great. Highly recommend his conceal and carry class if you’re looking to get a permit.

  2. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 12/17/2018 - 03:26 pm.

    Re: Bring me the News…

    Ms. Edelson’s critic isn’t entirely wrong – there are only so many hours in the day, and the ones spent working on legislative matters are likely to be hours unavailable to her children – but if the criticism fits her, it also fits every other legislator, DFL or Republican, not to mention city council members and other elected officials on a more local level, plus members of Congress. If the critic wants to apply that standard, virtually everyone in elected office is putting their family “in the back seat.” I think it goes with the territory, and is one of the negatives of elective public service that’s not often-enough mentioned.

    • Submitted by Barb Swenson on 12/17/2018 - 04:07 pm.

      To Ms Edelson’s critic: A woman’s place is not just in the home ANY MORE. It’s passing legislation, some of which I hope is to protect women’s rights and to get an ERA amendment passed in Minnesota. Women’s rights are human rights, and we should be so grateful to have anybody these days who want to put themselves “out there” and risk the criticism and scrutiny that public office brings. Lastly, don’t assume that you know what is going on in Ms Edelson’s household.

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