Trump proposal sparks deportation fears among Minnesota’s Southeast Asian community

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
President Donald Trump

WCCO-TV reports: “Thousands of refugees living in Minnesota are concerned they face deportation due to federal actions. News reports say the Trump administration is pressuring Vietnam to take back those who arrived between 1979 and 1995. The concern isn’t just for Vietnamese refugees, but also for people from Cambodia, Laos, and Burma. Many of the people who spoke on Thursday were born in those countries but came to Minnesota when they were young. … People who attended the listening session in St. Paul said they are worried even a minor violation from years ago will be enough to send them back to a country they know nothing about.”

Says Jessie Van Berkel for the Strib, “Minnesota’s incoming governor, who made education a key piece of his campaign, on Thursday picked the people who will help execute that work. Gov.-elect Tim Walz chose Mary Cathryn Ricker as the next commissioner of Minnesota Department of Education and Dennis Olson to lead the Office of Higher Education. He also announced Paul Schnell as the new Department of Corrections leader.”

Also in the Strib, this from Tim Harlow, “One of the biggest meteors spotted worldwide this year streaked over the north metro early Thursday, turning the night sky into a light show and rattling homes with a sonic boom. A fireball about the size of a refrigerator entered the stratosphere above Cambridge in Isanti County about 2:10 a.m. and illuminated the sky with brilliant hues of blues and greens as it traveled eastward and burned out before going dark over Harris in southern Chisago County, said Pat Branch, an observer and meteorite hunter with the American Meteor Society, which collects meteor reports from all over the world.”

Brooks Johnson in the Duluth News Tribune says, “In a city that averages 185 cloudy days a year — and with seven hours and 20 minutes less sunshine on the winter solstice than on the summer solstice — solar power remains within reach for many. ‘Even on a day like today we’d be producing a little bit of energy,’ said Paul Helstrom, Minnesota Power’s renewable energy program lead. ‘I think it’s a bit of a misnomer that we don’t have a good resource here.’ He said about 100 customers around Duluth have a solar array on their property — plus another 150 in the utility’s greater coverage area and 98 customers who buy into the community solar program.”

Brandt Williams of MPR writes, “A bipartisan bill aimed at reducing prison populations appears likely to become law and could affect some of the roughly 2,400 federal inmates housed in Minnesota. But a larger number of prisoners go through state courts and are housed in state facilities. State data from the last fiscal year show an adult prison population of 9,849 plus, as of August of 2018, an average daily population in county jails of 7,295.”

Frederick Melo of the PiPress says, “A school-versus-bar debate has raised the ire of former St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman. It’s also drawn a strong rebuke from state Rep. John Lesch. And it could even inspire changes in distance requirements between high schools and establishments that hold liquor licenses. Officials with a St. Paul charter school are demanding the city suspend the liquor license of a downtown restaurant nearby. Board members of the St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists say that Gray Duck Tavern received its liquor license in April 2017 without proper notification to the school.”

Also from WCCO: “Edina police often get calls when dogs are left in parked vehicles — but Thursday was a different story. Someone called police to report unattended pigs inside of a parked car at the Southdale shopping center.

Officers did not contact the owner of the car because the pigs seemed fine. According to city code, livestock is not allowed in Edina homes, but police say there is no ordinance about vehicles.”

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  1. Submitted by Tom Christensen on 12/21/2018 - 07:58 am.

    Trump, needing to put more shiny objects, besides the stupid wall, pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan, in the air to distract from his massive legal and political problems now wants to deport individuals from Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, and Burma. Some have been here for nearly 40 years and have assimilated into our communities. Trump has found another group of non-whites to hate. Having a sick man in the presidency is doing massive damage to our country that won’t be easy to undo. You don’t get friends and allies, on the world stage, back just by saying oops. Trumps problems don’t need to be and shouldn’t be our problems. He creates them and he owns them, not us. Republican voters released him on the public and they own him. It you couldn’t connect the Trump dots during the campaign I feel sorry for your decision making process.

  2. Submitted by James Hamilton on 12/21/2018 - 10:29 am.

    I believe it was Lesch who referred to the complaint as a “technical” move. Beyond that, I agree. Our laws are all technical, requiring that one dot every i and cross every t. That apparently wasn’t done here.

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