U of M sees declining international-student enrollment

U of M
University of Minnesota
A world-class institution? The Minnesota Daily’s Austen Macalus reports: “Facing declines in international student enrollment, the University of Minnesota is bolstering efforts to combat what’s become an increasingly challenging problem for schools across the country. … The University saw a 24 percent drop in international student enrollment this academic year compared to last fall.”

Fervid for cervids. MPR’s Dan Kraker writes: “The last native elk was seen in far northwestern Minnesota in 1932. … A few years later wild elk were reintroduced, but today there are only about a hundred left, confined to three tiny herds in the northwestern corner of the state. … But now there’s a movement gaining momentum to possibly reintroduce elk to the northeastern part of the state, where researchers are finding there is potentially both the habitat and the public acceptance that would be required to bring them back.”

Single-family zoning is single-race zoning? For Slate, Henry Grabar writes: “Minneapolis will become the first major U.S. city to end single-family home zoning, a policy that has done as much as any to entrench segregation, high housing costs, and sprawl as the American urban paradigm over the past century. … On Friday, the City Council passed Minneapolis 2040, a comprehensive plan to permit three-family homes in the city’s residential neighborhoods, abolish parking minimums for all new construction, and allow high-density buildings along transit corridors.”

Don’t miss this feature on a Minnesotan Somali-American football phenom. In the Undefeated, Tesfaye Negussie writes: “[Hamza Mohamed] is the most talented Somali-American football player in the history of Willmar, Minnesota, a small rural town outside of Minneapolis. And for most of his career as a Cardinal at Willmar Senior High School, Hamza has been the only Somali-American on the team, consistently, as most Somalis play sports familiar to them such as soccer or cross-country. Now in this town with a growing Somali population, Hamza is a role model for first-generation high-schoolers like him who don’t want to play soccer or run anymore. They stop him in the hallways and after games to let him know they’re proud of him and to say they’re inspired by him. They want to play football like Hamza, their all-American hero.”

In other news…

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When you’ve lost the elementary schools …Brainerd elementary school posts anti-Trump meme to Facebook” [Brainerd Dispatch]

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  1. Submitted by Richard Rowan on 12/10/2018 - 03:46 pm.

    Regarding International Students: I was in South Africa earlier this year and met with a couple of families who had students studying in technology fields in China. They said they chose China because it’s less difficult to get student visas and it costs less than the US. The US probably would have been their first choice, but they decided to go elsewhere. It’s a disturbing trend. The US has benefitted greatly from international students who have studied here. I also heard similar stories about students gong to Europe.

    According to the National Foundation for American Policy, of the 91 American startups valued at more than 1 billion dollars, 1 in 4 were started by immigrants who first came to the US as international students. These companies employ an average of 1,400 workers.

    We are shooting ourselves in the foot by making it difficult for international students to come here to study and work, and we are forfeiting one of our greatest economic advantages to our economic adversaries.

  2. Submitted by Joel Stegner on 12/11/2018 - 12:31 pm.

    Fewer international students? Individual 1 is responsible by his immigrant-bashing policies.

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