Target tells Twin Cities nonprofits it’s ‘evolving’ its grants program

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At MPR, Marianne Combs writes, “For the past several days, representatives of Target Foundation have been calling the Twin Cities organizations it supports, delivering news of some big changes. The major player in Minnesota philanthropy said it is ‘evolving its grants program’ and will no longer be supporting some of the causes it has supported in the past. Target Foundation gives approximately $9 million each year to Twin Cities nonprofits. … Whether the developments at Target Foundation are a cause for concern may depend on who you are.”

This from Deena Winter for the Jordan Independent, “A south Minneapolis boys basketball coach is questioning why Jordan fans held up a pro-Trump campaign sign during a boys basketball game on Tuesday in Jordan. Minneapolis Roosevelt High School coach Michael Walker posted a photo of the fans holding the sign — which said ‘Trump 2020 — Keep America Great!’ — on his Facebook page, questioning the message they were sending. Walker, who is head of Minneapolis Public Schools’ Office of Black Male Student Achievement, wrote on his post, ‘I coach a predominantly black inner city high school team. We go out to a rural area in Jordan, MN and this is there. Please explain how and why this is appropriate at a high school basketball game?’”

At the AP, Steve Karnowski reports, “Emotions ran high as debate kicked off at the state Capitol on Wednesday on whether Minnesota should legalize recreational marijuana, with cannabis supporters heckling opponents of legalization during a news conference that ended in a shouting match. … After Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom and Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie also spoke against legalization, St. Paul community activist John Thompson related how his friend, Philando Castile, was killed by a police officer who said he smelled burnt marijuana after stopping Castile’s car in Falcon Heights in 2016.”

Says Stribber Glenn Howatt, “Unpaid hospital debt in Minnesota surged 25 percent in 2017, another sign that even patients with health insurance are struggling to pay high deductibles and co-payments for medical care. The increase is the biggest jump since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) took effect in 2013, according to a report released Wednesday by the Minnesota Hospital Association.”

Christopher Magan of the PiPress says, “Members of the Republican-led Senate on Wednesday pitched the idea that patients with better relationships with their doctors and a clearer understanding of the price of procedures and drugs would lower overall health care costs. … On the other hand, bills supported by the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party in the House would continue a 2 percent tax on health care providers, open MinnesotaCare to more residents and keep the cost of prescriptions affordable by stopping ‘price gouging.’”

WCCO-TV reports: “Amidst the partial government shutdown, one agency that hasn’t been able to pay its workers wants you to know its hiring. The Transportation Security Administration is hosting a fast-track hiring event for MSP Airport this weekend, which was scheduled before the shutdown started.”

From the AP: “A St. Paul police officer is charged in an excessive force case after video showed him kicking a man who was on the ground and in the jaws of a police canine. Federal prosecutors charged Brett Palkowitsch on Wednesday with one count of deprivation of rights under color of law, which carries a maximum 10 years in prison. Frank Baker was badly injured in the 2016 arrest.”

WCCO-TV picks up a WalletHub story that says, “ a new national analysis puts Minnesota near the bottom of the list when measuring for the gaps between black and whites on a number of metrics. The financial website WalletHub published a report this week, pulling data from several government databases on housing, income, and education, and it ranked the Land of 10,000 Lakes as fifth from last (No. 47) in terms integration.”

Also from the AP: “The grandfather of a Wisconsin girl who was kidnapped after her parents were killed in October said Wednesday that he appreciates the sympathy being expressed by the suspect’s father. … Patterson’s father, Patrick Patterson, visited the Barron County Justice Center on Tuesday saying he wanted to pass a note to the Closs’ family, CNN reported. On the verge of tears, Patrick Patterson declined an interview but said: ‘All I care about right now is Jayme’s family.’”


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  1. Submitted by Henk Tobias on 01/17/2019 - 09:16 am.

    I watched a little bit of that Marijuana hearing and couldn’t help but notice that the opponents were all pretty darn old.

    • Submitted by Frank Phelan on 01/17/2019 - 09:49 am.

      And why we should care about what law enforcement says about the medical effects of the demon weed is beyond me. They are not trained in science. We might as well ask crane operators or waiters what weed does to people.

      • Submitted by Paul Yochim on 01/17/2019 - 04:53 pm.

        They are not trained in law enforcement either as demonstrated by the incident involving a St. Paul police officer.

  2. Submitted by Larry Sanderson on 01/17/2019 - 09:22 am.

    Good luck on finding prices from doctors. The last time I asked, “It will eat up all of your deductible” was the answer I got. It’s not like I’m on close intimate terms with a surgeon either, or likely to be.

  3. Submitted by Arthur Swenson on 01/17/2019 - 09:33 am.

    Perhaps the most precious right guaranteed by the U.S.`Constitution is that of free speech. It is not limited to free speech that is in good taste, or free speech that is non-confrontational, or speech that is not offensive to anyone.

    I agree that the Trump 2020 sign was out of place at a high school game, but any attempt to explicitly prohibit such a display would create more problems than it would solve. Previous attempts to censor speech in schools have been slapped down by the courts.

    In this case, if the sign was displayed in an attempt to intimidate the black kids from the inner city, it seems it was at least partially successful, since it apparently intimidated their coach. That is truly unfortunate.

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