School bus driver shot in apparent road-rage incident

In the Strib, Paul Walsh and Libor Jany report, “The driver of a school bus with one student aboard was shot while behind the wheel in an apparent road rage incident Tuesday south of downtown Minneapolis and the suspected gunman was quickly arrested, authorities said. The victim was shot sometime after 2 p.m. while in a small bus on Interstate 35W near Chicago Avenue. The person was ‘alert and conscious’ while being taken by emergency medical personnel from the scene ahead of surgery at HCMC for noncritical injuries, said police spokesman John Elder, who called the incident ‘mind-numbing’ and said it ‘raises immense concern on so many levels.’ … Elder said State Patrol officers arrived within a minute and arrested the suspected shooter. A gun, believed to be a semiautomatic weapon, was taken from him.”

Says Sarah Horner in the PiPress, “The Ramsey County attorney’s office is asking the Minnesota Supreme Court to intervene in a rape case that resulted in no prison time for the defendant. Officials filed a petition seeking the high court’s review of the case earlier this winter, shortly after the Minnesota Court of Appeals denied its attempt to secure a longer sentence for Michael Hill.”

From KSTP-TV: “Living in the Twin Cities requires crossing bridges. There is really no way around it. That’s why a number of years ago the Minnesota Department of Transportation added an anti-icing system to bridges. MnDOT has ten bridges currently with this system. The most recent system was added last month in Bloomington. The system is built into the bridge’s roadway. Small discs pop up out of the road and spray a solution of potassium acetate. This helps keep the ice from forming in the first place on the bridge. The system has sensors on the bridge and in the air letting it know when to spray.”

In the Duluth News Tribune: “If you’re hearing a loud noise coming from Superior, you aren’t alone. ‘The air horn on the American Spirit docked behind McDonalds on E. 2nd St. at 21st Ave. E. is malfunctioning,’ the Superior Police Department reported on Facebook. ‘We are working on finding a speedy resolution to the issue.’ Witnesses said the sound could be heard for miles.”

The AP says, “Climate change activists have launched a campaign at the Capitol to move Minnesota toward 100 percent clean energy. The House climate committee held an informational hearing Tuesday on a bill that sets a goal for Minnesota to get all of its electricity from carbon-free sources by 2050. It would build on a 2007 state law that set a renewable energy goal of 25 percent by 2025, which the state met last year, seven years early.”

In the Strib, Tony Kennedy writes, “A raucous crowd of 2,000 people packed Montana’s state capitol building last month in Helena to fight for upkeep and expansion of public lands in a state powered by $7 billion a year in outdoors activity. In Minnesota, a broad coalition of conservation leaders will stage a similar rally Thursday in St. Paul, hoping for a turnout of at least hundreds of outdoors enthusiasts of all kinds. They want to protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA) against mining, stamp out proposals for ‘no net gain’ of public land, safeguard lake access and perpetuate funding for wild places.”

In the Brainerd Dispatch Dana Ferguson says, “A set of bills aimed at cracking down on the use of cellphones behind the wheel cleared another hurdle Tuesday, Feb. 5. The Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety advanced to another Senate committee the proposals that would outlaw the use of phones while driving outside a hands-free mode and set penalties for causing a crash that causes injury or death while using a cellphone equal to those for driving under the influence of alcohol.”

For WCCO-TV Chris Shaffer says, “Most of the state will have double-digit highs Wednesday, with the Twin Cities expecting to get up to 23 degrees. The morning commute will be snow-free, but evening commuters may face that second storm system early Wednesday night. That second system will dump snow throughout the state for about a solid 12 hours. Accumulation will likely be to the tune of 4 to 8 inches for much of Minnesota, with the northern part of the state possibly seeing more. Winds will also be picking up Thursday, with speeds of up to 30 miles per hour blowing around snow and hampering visibility.”

At MPR, Tim Pugmire writes, “Gov. Tim Walz wants drug companies to do more to combat opioid abuse in Minnesota — a desire he says he shared during a 45-minute conference call on Tuesday with opioid manufacturers and distributors. The DFL governor says he’s reminded almost daily of the scope of the problem and expects to sign a piece of meaningful legislation this year to address Minnesota’s opioid crisis.”

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