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Veterans sue 3M over earplugs

Also: Bill would make Daylight Saving Time in Minnesota year-round; Rosedale contemplates adding apartments; U of M hybrid grapes having their moment; and more.

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Disservice. Bisi Onile-Ere at FOX 9 has a story on numerous lawsuits filed against 3M in regard to its earplugs for active military personnel: “Combat Arms earplugs are at the center of a string of lawsuits filed against Maplewood, Minnesota-based 3M. Designed to protect the ears, hundreds of veterans and active duty service members from around the country charge that the double-sided earplugs instead led to hearing loss.… ‘Quite frankly the hearing protection just didn’t work and it didn’t work because of a defect in the hearing protection itself,’ said [attorney Bill] Sieben.”

Big time legislation. Pat Kessler at WCCO has a piece on a bill to make Daylight Saving Time in Minnesota year-round: “‘This bill would have standard time year-round so there would be no more springing ahead or falling back or changing clocks or disrupting your circadian rhythms or having additional issues on time changes that can affect health and safety of the people,’ Republican Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer said.”

Breakfast every morning at Cinnabon. Tad Vezner at the Pioneer Press reports Rosedale management is contemplating a different kind of tenant for the mall: “… the management of Rosedale Center in Roseville has been floating the idea of creating a livable ‘village’ — and has gone so far as to put out a marketing brochure on the matter. An online leasing brochure by Chicago-based Jones Lang LaSalle promotes a Rosedale ‘village,’ including 425 luxury apartments, a grocery store and green space, along with offices and a hotel.”

Land of 10,000 grapes. Elin McCoy at Bloomberg notes hybrid grapes, once shunned by wine purists, are getting a second look these days: “Now, University of Minnesota and Cornell are coming up with new, improved hybrids, with better ‘juice characteristics,’ helped by recent DNA research. ‘It takes 15 to 20 years from the time we identify the parent grapes to licensing vines to be planted commercially,’ says Clark of the product development. Minnesota’s latest is a white, Itasca, now in test plots around the U.S.”

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Snow trouble. Hotels, schools, dairy barns and more have succumbed to the weight of this year’s snowfall, and WCCO has the latest casualty: “A portion of the southeast corner of the Minnesota State Fair cattle barn collapsed Tuesday evening.… The part of the structure that collapsed was used to house State Fair trailers and other equipment, the St. Paul Fire Department said. According to the State Fair website, the 117,450-square-foot cattle barn is nearly a century old.”

A river runs through it. Daniel C. Vock at Governing examines Fargo’s infrastructure plans to curb spring flooding: “It’s one of the biggest and most ambitious infrastructure projects in America right now: a $2.75 billion plan to build a new channel to divert flood waters from the Red River for 30 miles around Fargo, N.D., in order to save the area from future floods. And it’s politically an extremely complicated plan, involving officials from several local cities, two state governments, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and multiple private-sector partners.”

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