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Minneapolis Park Board moving forward with renaming streets around Bde Maka Ska

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board building
MinnPost photo by Peter Callaghan
Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board building

A road by any other name … MPR’s Matt Sepic reports:The Minneapolis Park Board is pressing ahead with plans to rename four streets around Bde Maka Ska, also known as Lake Calhoun. The move comes despite legal uncertainty over the name of the lake itself. … The Park Board wants to replace the name ‘Calhoun’ with ‘Bde Maka Ska’ on East and West Lake Calhoun Parkways, Calhoun Boulevard West, and Calhoun Drive.”

Parking protest. Gizmodo’s Bryan Menegus writes: “Amazon is well known for its sprawling Fulfillment Centers and the lackluster working conditions therein, but just as important to its logistics operations are its delivery hubs—smaller, and often staffed heavily with part-time workers. Likely emboldened by the flurry of labor actions at the infamous Shakopee fulfillment center 30 minutes West, 80 of those part-timers went on strike outside an Eagan, Minnesota, delivery center on Thursday. … … What makes this an unusual protest though is that these workers aren’t specifically angry about the safety and pace of work, or issues of religious freedom as at other such actions. They’re mad about parking.

Cornish may attempt a comeback. The Mankato Free Press’ Trey Mewes reports: “Former Rep. Tony Cornish, R-Vernon Center, is mulling a return to St. Paul. … Cornish confirmed Wednesday he is considering running for his old House District 23B seat in the Minnesota Legislature, saying he believes more needs to be done to address area residents’ needs at the Capitol. … Cornish, once a powerful lawmaker who chaired the House public safety committee, resigned in November 2017 after he was accused of sexual harassment by several women.

Vigilante vigilanted … or something. The Pioneer Press’ Tad Vezner writes: “Princess Jennifer used to have two cars. Both of them had their interiors burned practically to the frame Wednesday morning. … ‘Nobody woke me up,’ said Jennifer — yes, that’s her legal first and last name — as she kicked the shattered glass of what used to be her car window, parked outside her home in St. Paul’s North End. … Had she woken up, Jennifer wouldn’t have been surprised. Ever since she created a Facebook page called ‘The Faces of Meth in our neighborhood’ — posting license plates and recordings of the comings and goings on her street — she’s had plenty of arguments with a neighbor or two.

Does a little of everything. For the Bemidji Pioneer, Jordan Shearer reports: “With the promise of providing more options for the local community, the Red Lake Trading Post is on the cusp of opening, completing a process years in the making. … Dozens of people filed into the multi-purpose store for a blessing ceremony Tuesday afternoon in anticipation of the store’s opening this weekend. The Red Lake Trading Post will replace the smaller Red Lake Foods, which is located right next to the new building. … The trading post is roughly 26,000 square feet, nearly three times the size of Red Lake Foods. The tribe is still uncertain what will happen to the older building.”

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  1. Submitted by Mike Chrun on 08/08/2019 - 01:44 pm.

    Oh, good, Cornish is mulling a comeback: the man who was all for arming teachers; the man who refused to allow any hands free legislation to move forward; the man who would label any attempt at a sensible gun law as “gun grabbing.” And then there is the whole sexual history where this so-called man made unwanted advances on various women. Doubt seriously this clown will do anything more for his district than someone a bit more savory can do and the state as a whole is better off because he’s no longer prowling the capitol.

  2. Submitted by ian wade on 08/08/2019 - 04:52 pm.

    Hmmm…why is it that the “hate government” types can’t seem to stay out of government? I doubt a Cornish return is less about “addressing area residents needs” and more about a nice paycheck for three months work along with a sweet per diem.

  3. Submitted by Joel Stegner on 08/09/2019 - 06:52 pm.

    Please lose the old name of the streets, but don’t use the unpronounceable new name of the lake. How about honoring past Minneapolis mayors such as Humphrey and Fraser?

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