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Rural Minnesota clinics seeing effects of withdrawing from Title X

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Katie McDonough at Jezebel interviews the executive director of the Mahube-Otwa Community Action Partnership following its withdrawal from the Title X family planning program after the Trump administration’s gag rule went into effect: “‘Being client-focused means providing the very best service we can to our clients and not having a politician dictate what sort of services we can provide,’ [Liz Kuoppala] explained. ‘So being limited just in order to get a grant is just contrary to who we are and how we operate.’ But the fallout has been chaotic. The loss of funding meant a 50 percent staff reduction, increased expenses around medication and other services, and a difficult tightrope to keep from passing those costs on to patients.

Former MinnPost intern Tiffany Bui and Dylan Anderson at the Minnesota Daily speak with student Nora Radtke about the alleged sexual harassment by her professor: “Radtke had been offered a research job with James Ron, a tenured human rights professor at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. … But after discussing the opportunity, Radtke said Ron shifted the topic of conversation — to his lingering feelings for her. Then Ron told her if she were single, he would ask her out. ‘It felt like the ground opened up,’ Radtke said. She thought, ‘Oh, this is what this has all been about. This has not been about my academic work. This hasn’t been about my professional development. This isn’t about my professional future. This has all been about you being romantically interested.'”

KSTP has a short on a General Mills product recall: “General Mills has announced a recall of its five-pound bags of Gold Medal Unbleached All Purpose Flour due to E. coli concerns. The recall, dated Monday, applies to bags of flour with a ‘better if used by date’ of Sept. 6, 2020.”

TommyMedia reports the “all-clear” has be given regarding Tuesday morning’s bomb threat at St. Thomas: “After receiving a bomb threat at 7:45 a.m., the university decided to close and search the Facilities Design Center, John Roach Center, Anderson Student Center and O’Shaughnessy Science Center. Classes in those buildings were canceled and scheduled to resume at 1:30 p.m. … This is the third bomb threat St. Thomas has received since last spring. The first threat was five months ago to this day on April 17.”

In other news…

This is fine: “Twin Cities metro to see resurgence of mosquitoes this fall” [KMSP]

The old ‘it was a birthday present’ excuse: “Minnesota man accused of having ‘pipe bomb’ device in trunk of car” [Duluth News Tribune]

At least one Minnesotan threw a nice pass this week: “United States Postal Worker caught yeeting package across Minneapolis lawn” [City Pages]

Cute doggie video: “Missing California dog found in Minnesota after a decade” [KARE]

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    RE: The California dog – And THAT is why you microchip pets! (Just a shame that apparently no one bothered to scan this little dog any sooner.)

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