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GOP Rep. Hagedorn attempted to gain access to impeachment inquiry, was rebuffed

MinnPost photo by Craig Lassig
Rep. Jim Hagedorn and President Donald Trump
This sounds like a productive use of time. The Rochester Post Bulletin’s Matthew Stolle reports:GOP U.S. Rep. Jim Hagedorn tried to gain access to a closed-door impeachment inquiry on Wednesday, but he was not among Republican lawmakers who ‘stormed’ the hearing room and delayed testimony for five hours. … Hagedorn’s request to gain entry to the room was rebuffed. A video Hagedorn shared showed a security officer asking staff to leave the area. … ‘Upon leaving the secure area, I was interviewed by national reporters and given the opportunity to highlight the unfair, unprecedented and overtly political Democratic impeachment process that Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Schiff are orchestrating,’ he said in a press statement.”

Mark your calendars. WCCO reports:Rep. Ilhan Omar is slated to appear at a campaign rally next month for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. … Omar, who recently endorsed the senator from Vermont, will join local leaders and activists at Northrop Auditorium on the University of Minnesota campus for the Nov. 3 rally.”

Minneapolis is in good company. The Washington Post’s Philip Bump writes: “Albuquerque has joined a lengthy list of U.S. cities with a simple request: that President Trump’s campaign pay for the costs incurred during a rally. On Wednesday, the Albuquerque Journal reported that the city sent an invoice to Trump’s reelection campaign in an effort to recoup more than $211,000 in expenses from a September rally. That figure includes more than $71,000 in police overtime. … The Trump campaign’s indifference to municipal bills became a significant issue earlier this month when the city of Minneapolis attempted to get paid in advance for a rally Trump was planning to hold in the city. The president and his campaign publicly berated Minneapolis’s mayor. But even then it was easy to see why a city would want Trump’s team to pay in advance.”

Research happening in northern Minnesota. KARE’s Jennifer Austin reports: “The forest about a half hour north of Grand Rapids is quiet, with a narrow dirt road winding between tall trees. A small sign reading ‘Marcell Experimental Forest’ is the only indication to people passing by of the experiment tucked a few miles back, which could have global implications. … ‘It’s the only place on the planet that’s simulating climate change to the degree that we think it’s [actually] going to happen,’ said Randy Kolka, a research scientist with the USDA Forest Service, ‘And it’s right here in northern Minnesota.’ … The experiment is called SPRUCE. It stands for Spruce and Peatland Responses Under Changing Environments Experiment. It’s funded by the US Department of Energy and is a collaboration between the USDA Forest Service and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.”

No place for this in high school sports or anywhere. The Pioneer Press’ Deanna Weniger and Josh Verges report:Girls soccer players from Como Park Senior High were the targets of racial slurs during a playoff loss at Mahtomedi High School last week, according to St. Paul parents. … Francisco Armenta, whose daughter plays for Como, said around 10 boys cheering for Mahtomedi were taunting the St. Paul players, many of whom are Asian-American. … ‘They would call them like Asian food names, stuff like that,’ he said. … Players also were told to go back to their countries, he said.”

In other news…

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Comments (13)

  1. Submitted by Eric House on 10/25/2019 - 03:01 pm.

    If Bob Kroll doesn’t want to have political discussions with citizens of Minneapolis, then he shouldn’t be going around endorsing political candidates.

  2. Submitted by Connor OKeefe on 10/25/2019 - 03:37 pm.

    Couple thoughts.

    First, cities should dig out the bills Obama paid when he visited. Trump should pay the same.

    Second, I have to say the House Democrat ‘s Star Chamber is a very bad look. If they were worried about presenting their little charade as something with credible importance to us, they’d be as open as possible.

    • Submitted by Don Wallen on 10/25/2019 - 04:26 pm.

      You do know that this is an investigation, not a trial and Republicans are present and can ask questions. The question I have is, if there is positive testimony for Trump, why haven’t Republicans leaked it. Given their sophomoric stunt the other day, I’m sure they would if they could.

    • Submitted by ian wade on 10/25/2019 - 04:36 pm.

      You mean the same “closed door policy” that was instituted BY Republicans and John Boehner back in 2015?

    • Submitted by Pat Terry on 10/25/2019 - 04:40 pm.

      Obama did not have the same bills. Because people in the cities Obama visited liked him. Because he didn’t demonize the Somalis who live here.

      The “star chamber” is a committee that contains Republican members. I realize that the rule of law and national security have taken a backseat to adulation of Trump, but there was nothing out of the ordinary about how this was done.

      • Submitted by Connor OKeefe on 10/25/2019 - 07:11 pm.

        I foresaw your objection, sir.

        My answer is, if the citizens of cities cannot conduct themselves lawfully, their neighbors will have to pay the price for policing them.

    • Submitted by lisa miller on 10/25/2019 - 09:37 pm.

      Because it involves security issues–one. Two–this is how they also ran the Benghazi and other hearings–some private and in the future, more are open. 3) Republicans put these rules in place under Boener. 4) There are some Republicans are on the committee and can ask questions. And finally, it’s same/similar to how Clinton’s impeachment hearings were handled.

  3. Submitted by Don Wallen on 10/26/2019 - 09:32 am.

    I find it fascinating that even when a talking point is exposed as incorrect, such as the idea the closed door sessions exclude Republicans, the error is never acknowledged and keeps on being repeated without justification.

  4. Submitted by Connie Sullivan on 10/26/2019 - 10:42 am.

    What a sad figure, that of Rep. Hagedorn! Repeating supinely the party mantra that is full of lies abut how impeachment depositions are to be taken from witnesses, trying to claim that–since neither the law nor the facts support Trump’s actions on Ukraine–the process is somehow insufficient or wrong. It’s the Republicans’ House rules, from Benghasi hearings, that are being echoed today.

    The Trumpites who still support him have not read the Mueller Report, and they have no response to the devastatingly anti-Trump deposition [sworn] testimony that’s coming out of government officials, even Trump’s own appointees like Taylor.

    And that’s sad, too: Poor Donald Trump!

  5. Submitted by Christopher Williams on 10/26/2019 - 01:40 pm.

    Let’s remember that, since both the Nixon and Clinton impeachments took place with special counsel’s, ALL investigation was done with grand jurys behind closed doors. This time around the investigation is being done by congress, where the committees have EQUAL representation from Democrats and Republicans. Both sides get to ask questions. Much more transparent. This false narrative that things are happening in secret is just propaganda. All this grandstanding with barging into rooms is just ridiculous. Even Fox News contributor Judge Napolitano says so. He had a long segment on it the other night.

  6. Submitted by Tom Wilson on 10/29/2019 - 10:40 am.

    Is Bob Kroll really the head cop? He reminds me of Vince McMahon, steroids and all!.ps didn’t Trump punch him out in a wrestling event?…. that says all you need to know about Trump.

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