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Trump campaign says Minneapolis rally approved, won’t prepay for event costs

President Donald Trump
REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
President Donald Trump
At MPR, Briana Bierschbach says, “After threats of legal action and a full day of back-and-forth on social media, President Trump’s campaign said Tuesday afternoon that a planned campaign rally at the Target Center Thursday is going ahead as planned. The campaign backed off a threat Monday night to sue the city after being told it would have to prepay more than $500,000 for security and other event-related costs in order to secure the venue in downtown Minneapolis. In a statement posted to Twitter, Trump’s campaign manager said the campaign didn’t agree to pay any additional funds and they have clearance to use the venue.”

WCCO’s Marielle Mohs writes: “Businesses around Target Center are bracing for the big crowds that President Donald Trump’s Thursday rally will bring to downtown Minneapolis. Many are embracing the crowds, but some restaurants in the area are choosing to close, and other events have been canceled.”

At Politico, Amita Kumar and Quint Forghey report, “Donald Trump has raised record amounts of money as a presidential candidate. But he’s still left a slew of unpaid bills in his wake. In city after city, across the nation, Trump has failed to pay local officials who provide thousands of dollars’ worth of security assistance to the president’s campaign during his Make America Great Again rallies. … The campaign and the RNC have raised more than $308 million in 2019 alone and have $156 million in the bank. They aim to raise a whopping $1 billion for the re-election.”

KSTP-TV’s Joe Mazan reports: “A homeless encampment is growing in St. Paul along Lower Landing Park. The city of Saint Paul says it’s cleared the area of homeless several times but people keep returning to the area.… With winter quickly approaching, the city says it will clear the area again and is working with partners to determine where people may be directed for shelter and services.  The city says it’s in close contact with Ramsey County regarding the re-opening of winter safe space.”

For The Star Tribune, Jackie Crosby says, “Life has been a bit of a whirlwind this week for Minneapolis entrepreneur Amber Leong, who reeled in a $750,000 investment on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ for her fledgling business. Her company, Circadian Optics, sells an assortment of sleek light-therapy lamps aimed at easing the wintertime blues. But Leong’s personal story seemed to capture the hearts of the ‘Shark Tank’ business moguls as much as her ability to persuade them of her business acumen.”

A Wall Street Journal story by Likhitha Butchireddygari and Shayndi Raice says, “A recent uptick in Minnesota’s unemployment rate is raising the possibility that the state’s robust labor market may be faltering, and local business leaders are stumped about what comes next.  … Despite the data, Minnesota businesses say it’s still hard to fill jobs. Career counselors and community colleges say they continue to see high demand for workers. Annesa Cheek, president of St. Cloud Technical and Community College, said her students in construction and manufacturing programs get recruited before even finishing their degrees.”

Says Paul Huttner for MPR, “Forecast model consensus is starting to emerge on our late-week storm system. If the model trends are right, this could be an early cold-season blizzard for eastern North Dakota and parts of the Red River Valley.”

For Deadspin, Barry Petchesky asks, “The Twins have somehow found a way to lose every single postseason game since [2004], one of sports’ cruelest and most unlikely streaks. After Monday’s 5-1 Yankees win to complete the series sweep, Minnesota has now lost 16 straight playoff games (13 of them to the Yankees), easily an MLB record and tying the 1975–1979 Chicago Blackhawks for the most consecutive postseason losses in major North American sports.”

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  1. Submitted by Henk Tobias on 10/09/2019 - 07:29 am.

    Winter approaches and we are talking about another homeless encampment. There is something wrong with this picture, something in our society is not working correctly.

    • Submitted by Jackson Cage on 10/09/2019 - 08:17 am.

      Without more info, I couldn’t reach a conclusion. Some people don’t want to stay in shelters and there may be other reasons for the encampments. Not everything is “society’s” fault.

      • Submitted by Brian Scholin on 10/09/2019 - 10:07 am.

        I could make that choice. You likely could make that choice. How many in the encampment do you think had that choice to make? Its always a lot easier for those who have choices to think others do as well, and they just chose unwisely or at least differently. Easier, but not usually accurate.

    • Submitted by Pat Terry on 10/09/2019 - 09:21 am.

      The primary issue with the people in the Minneapolis encampment last year was heroin addiction. Very hard to get those people into housing.

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