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Man dies after being restrained by police in south Minneapolis

The Star Tribune’s Libor Jany reports: “Federal authorities are investigating a white Minneapolis police officer for possible civil rights violations, after a video surfaced Monday that showed him kneeling on an African American man’s neck and ignoring the man’s protests that he couldn’t breathe. The man later died. … Officials have not publicly named the officer in question, but two sources familiar with the investigation identified him as Derek Chauvin.”

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey posted his reaction on Facebook.

Mask day in Minneapolis. KSTP reports:A new mask requirement goes into effect Tuesday in Minneapolis in response to COVID-19. … The emergency regulation, signed by Mayor Jacob Frey last week, requires people in the city to wear a face mask or covering when they are in an indoor ‘place of public accommodation.’”

Feehan gets DFL nod to rematch Hagdeorn. The New Ulm Journal reports:Dan Feehan has been endorsed by the First Congressional District DFL Party as its candidate for United States House of Representatives. … The DFL held an on-line convention with balloting taking place over a ten-day period. The ballots were tabulated Sunday with Feehan receiving the endorsement.”

Catholic abuse settlement. Also from KSTP:Clergy sexual abuse survivors and the Diocese of St. Cloud announced an agreement on a framework for resolving clergy sexual abuse claims against the diocese and its parishes. … The diocese announced in March 2018 that it would file for bankruptcy. The agreement would include the diocese filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy while paying $22.5 million for a trust to compensate clergy abuse survivors. The funds will be made up of insurance coverage settlements, cash and property contributions from the diocese and its parishes.”

In other news…

Peddling the right product:Coronavirus shutdown has Twin Cities bicycle shops spinning” [Pioneer Press]

Reporter solves a mystery:Ship’s wheel stolen from Bde Maka Ska naval memorial in 1975 surfaces at Minnetonka High School along with missing 600-pound bell” [Southwest Journal]

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  1. Submitted by Eric House on 05/26/2020 - 12:11 pm.

    “man dies” no- man is killed by police. Or even “man murdered by police” would be more accurate. He didn’t have a heart attack while sitting there.

  2. Submitted by Pat Terry on 05/26/2020 - 01:03 pm.

    While his partner was murdering a man pleading for help, the other cop told people watching “don’t do drugs, guys.”

    How about, don’t murder a guy in the street?

    Anyway, congratulations on your last day as a Minneapolis police officer.

    • Submitted by Pat Terry on 05/26/2020 - 03:26 pm.

      Wow, Frey just fired all four cops on the scene.

      • Submitted by David Markle on 05/27/2020 - 11:50 am.

        Police Chief Arradondo fired the four cops; Frey went along with the action. There’s no reason to think Frey is a particularly sensitive person. He has continued to wholeheartedly support a badly planned redevelopment of a city-owned lot in my neighborhood, even after he had to leave a public meeting without speaking last August because a large crowd opposing the project–mostly Somalis–were shouting down Council Member Warsame who was also trying to peak in favor of the project.

  3. Submitted by Bruce Johnson on 05/26/2020 - 02:32 pm.

    Minnpost, this may be a digest of stories with headlines from other news organizations, but yours still misses the mark by severely underplaying what happened to George Floyd. It may not be appropriate (yet) to say Minneapolis Police Murder Another Person Of Color. It’s also way off the mark to say Man Dies After Being Restrained…

  4. Submitted by Benjamin Osa on 05/26/2020 - 03:47 pm.

    This was a flagrant abuse of power that doesn’t stand the test of, well it was the heat of the moment.

    The suspect was handcuffed on the ground, face down.

    The police officer then slowly murdered the black man for 5 minutes.

    This was a lynching by one white officer while 3 other officers stood by and allowed it to happen.

    They are part of a department that states, “TO SERVE WITH COMPASSION” on their website.

    Depressing for all that expect better from Minneapolis “finest”.


  5. Submitted by Pat Terry on 05/26/2020 - 04:04 pm.

    Apparently the murdering cop here was one of the cops that came onstage with Trump at his rally last year. It does look like the same guy, but I haven’t confirmed it. Does not surprise me at all, though.

  6. Submitted by Robert Seidel on 05/26/2020 - 06:24 pm.

    I am appalled at the ongoing police racism in Minneapolis. For the past quarter of a century, since I moved here in 1994, I have seen the same trends that were typical of Oakland in the era when they “declared war” on the Black Panthers in the 1960s. As a white man in this society, I am safe from arbitrary injustice, but I can’t understand the racism that others of my race and gender practice. It is immoral, illegal and inhuman and needs to stop.

  7. Submitted by kurt nelson on 05/26/2020 - 06:31 pm.

    Wait for it, wait for it. The always pathetic, but highly predictable Bob Kroll will step up to a mic somewhere, and declare the black man deserved it, and the officers were only doing their job, which is hard, so cut them some slack.

    I’m surprised at how fast Frey and the Chief did the right thing in this instance, and now, let the FBI do theirs.

  8. Submitted by John Wilson on 05/27/2020 - 11:41 am.

    This cop was inspired by trump to commit acts of terror and violence against people with more melatonin in their skin; the US has been a racist nation since it’s inception. Video shows no resistance, it shows cops looking for a more private space to murder this innocent human being. The fact that this happens frequently, that taxpayers continue to pay for the settlements, that cops are violent, vicious and poorly trained Is an indictment of our society and the Twin Cities.

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