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Minneapolis ups enforcement of winter parking restrictions with tickets; towing

Plus: Beyhive abuzz over tour dates including Minneapolis stop; why there’s no direct route between Ely and Grand Marais; MyPillow Guy makes return to late-night; and more.

No Parking sign

Says MPR’s Tim Nelson, “Minneapolis has handed out more than 2,000 tickets in the last three days and towed more than 200 vehicles off of the even sides of non-snow emergency streets, as they pick up enforcement of a winter parking ban instituted last week. ‘What we wanted to do was to give people a grace period and also educate them, without starting right away, issuing citations and tagging people for it’, said Ahmed Adow, director of traffic control for the city, in an interview with MPR News. W’e did three days where we issued warning citations’. Adow conceded some people may have concluded that the city had been bluffing.  The warning period is now over.”

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Stribber Jana Hollingsworth writes, “Two of northeastern Minnesota’s most popular tourist destinations aren’t linked by road, bifurcating the region into different journeys for travelers. The towns are Grand Marais and Ely, reachable from one to the other using highways that take you south then north on a 108-mile journey. Reader Troy Allen wants to know why there isn’t a more direct connection, pointing to a potential long-ago dispute between lumber and railroad tycoons. He posed his question to Curious Minnesota, the Star Tribune’s reporting project fueled by reader questions. We are answering it as part of A Little Curious, an occasional series based on more specific reader questions than those addressed in the main column.”

For The Colorado Sun John Ingold says, “Last year, a study came out showing that marijuana legalization in Colorado likely increased cannabis use among adults in the state. Because of the novel methods the researchers used to examine the question, the study was perhaps the best answer to date on one of legalization’s biggest impacts. But it also left an even bigger question unanswered: Is it bad that more adults are consuming marijuana or doing so more frequently? Now, in a follow-up study by the same team, using the same methods, the researchers have come to an answer: It doesn’t appear to be. ‘At least from the psychological point of view’, said Stephanie Zellers, one of the researchers.

At KARE-TV Alexandra Simon says, “The Beyhive is buzzing over the long-anticipated announcement that Beyoncé is officially taking her “Renaissance” album on tour. The 28-time Grammy winner revealed Tuesday that the Renaissance World Tour will kick off on May 10, 2023, in Stockholm, Sweden before making its way to the United States later this summer. Queen B herself will stop in Minneapolis on Thursday, July 20 to perform her latest hits at Huntington Bank Stadium.”

Stribber Stephen Montemayor says, “Minnesota will soon have another federal judicial vacancy, as former Chief Judge John Tunheim informed President Joe Biden on Wednesday that he planned to take senior status. Tunheim, 69, whose tenure as chief judge ended last year, wrote in a letter to the president that he would take senior status ‘effective upon the confirmation of my successor’ after having “attained the age and having met the service requirements” of federal law governing judicial retirements.”

For The Daily Beast Zachary Petrizzio and Matt Wilstein say, “MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell made his triumphant return to Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night comedy program on Tuesday evening. But given that he appeared from within the confines of an arcade claw machine, it was ultimately even more demoralizing than the first time around. ‘To help him overcome his debilitating fear of machines, we have installed him inside a claw machine’, Kimmel quipped as he opened the segment. ‘I don’t know why I decided you should be in there’, he added before stating he was surprised that Lindell took him up on the unique offer, despite Lindell earlier claiming it was due to his unvaccinated status. The jokes at Lindell’s expense only kept rolling from there as Kimmel wondered aloud why people don’t take him seriously.”

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KSTP-TV’s Ellen Galles says, “For decades, the Minnesota Department of Health has tracked the numbers on women who get abortions — from their ages, to their state of residency, to their reasons.  According to MDH, there were 10,136 abortions performed in Minnesota in 2021.  That number has decreased steadily over the past 20 years.  Back in 1980, MDH data shows that number was nearly double: 19,028 abortions were performed that year. Of the abortions performed in Minnesota in 2021, 9,127 were Minnesota residents and about 1,000 were out-of-state residents, with 634 women coming across state lines from Wisconsin.”