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Xcel will shut down Monticello plant for repairs after another contaminated water leak

Plus: Beware of jury scams; Minneapolitan interviewed on Morning Edition show about Iraq invasion 20 years ago; DNR offering free state park days; and more.

Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant
Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant
Xcel Energy

Fox 9 staff reports, “Xcel Energy is working to power down the Monticello nuclear power plant on Friday to make repairs after a new leak of radioactive water was reported this week. The company said the new leak is estimated to be in the hundreds of gallons, much smaller than the first leak of approximately 400,000 gallons which was reported in November 2022. Monitoring equipment at the plant on Wednesday indicated a “small amount of new water from the original leak had reached the groundwater,” according to a statement released Thursday night.”

For Patch William Bornhoft says, “Grab a pair of binoculars and make it a point to be outside around sunset Monday and for a few days after. With a favorable weather forecast in Minnesota, we’ll see a rare celestial parade of five planets, a crescent moon and a star cluster in the western sky. The alignment — led by the star cluster Messier 35 from the left, followed by Mars, the moon, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter and Mars — starts about 20 minutes after sunset — that’s at 7:33 p.m. in the Minneapolis area. Monday and Tuesday are the best nights to see it.”

NPR’s Morning Edition features Minneapolitan Shaymaa Khalil, the operations director for the Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project, who was then a teenager in Baghdad when the Iraq invasion began. She talks with a retired Air Force pilot “who dropped bombs on Iraq during the opening night of the ‘shock and awe’ campaign.

For the AP Scott Bauer says, “The Republican-backed candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court said Thursday that he had no problem with someone who was on the U.S. Capitol grounds during the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection campaigning for him across the state in the waning days of the high stakes race, calling his work ‘invaluable’. Dan Kelly on Wednesday posted a video on Twitter of himself standing side-by-side with conservative activist Scott Presler and thanking him for his work. Presler, a Virginia native, planned several ‘stop the steal’ rallies in addition to being on the Capitol grounds the day of the insurrection. Presler also described the siege on the Capitol as ‘the largest civil rights protest in American history’.”

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At KSTP-TV Cory Knudsen says, “Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Lorie Gildea is urging Minnesotans to be aware of jury duty scams that are apparently circulating. ‘Counties and district courts are hearing, again, that scammers are preying on Minnesotans with fake jury duty phone calls’, Gildea said in a statement. ‘Jury duty is an important civic duty. I commend citizens who report for jury service, and urge Minnesotans to learn about and protect themselves from the potentially devastating consequences of these scams’. According to the Minnesota Judicial Branch, jury duty scams come in many forms, some of which are calls from official-looking phone numbers where someone pretends to be a Minnesota court representative. The scammers typically demand people provide payment or private information to avoid paying a fine or jail time for missing jury duty.”

For Jay Dahl says, “If you think you may need flood insurance this year for the upcoming flood season, the time to get it is now. This is because flood insurance doesn’t become active until 30 days after purchase. Ihry Insurance agent Dustin Ihry said it’s not too late to purchase a policy, but it is getting close. He also said pricing has changed in recent years, with the cost now being based on individual houses rather than by each community’s risk as a whole.”

At KARE-TV Naasir Akailvi says, “The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will waive all entrance and vehicle permit fees at Minnesota State Parks for four days in 2023.  The ‘Free Park’ days will be held on Saturday, April. 22; Saturday, June. 10; Saturday, Sept. 9, and Friday, Nov. 24, according to a release from the DNR.”

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