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Racial slur, shots in retired firefighter’s attack on former Gophers running back

Plus: Local businesses say Minneapolis ‘Black expo’ hurt them; a new area code for southern Minnesota; Hennepin County attorney hands case to Ramsey County because of conflict of interest; and more.

Police line tape

Stribber Paul Walsh reports, “A former Minnesota Gophers football star was called a racial slur during a daylight attack by a white man who fired a gun in a south Minneapolis alley, the confrontation ending only after police persuaded the suspect to drop his weapons and he was arrested, according to charges. … The victim, 44-year-old Tellis Redmon, a running back for the University of Minnesota football team from 1999 to 2001, … escaped without injury despite the gun being fired next to his head as the two fought for the weapon, police said.”

At MPR News, Jon Collins says, “Dozens of business owners said the expo organized by the city of Minneapolis to celebrate and uplift Black entrepreneurship actually hurt them. They said the event cost them money they couldn’t afford to lose and according to city records, tens of thousands of dollars in contracts flowed to businesses based outside of Minnesota. In total, [Kanisha] Bliss said selling at the city event cost her about $600.”

Forum News Service says, “A group of nine people who had mostly crossed the U.S.-Canada border illegally were found suffering from exposure to harsh weather conditions near Warroad on Tuesday. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police received an emergency call from a member of the group early Tuesday morning. According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, its agents responded at approximately 4:50 a.m. The group was located in a flooded bog west of Warroad, according to CBP.”

A story by KEYC-TV staff says, “A new area code, 924, will soon join the existing 507 area code serving southern Minnesota. The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approved the new area code on March 30. It will ensure residents and businesses have access to a sufficient supply of telephone numbers to serve the area. The 507 area code is expected to run out of new numbers in early 2025.”

At ESPN Alden Gonzalez says, “Major League Baseball is less than three weeks into its regular season, and five of the 14 teams under Diamond Sports Group’s umbrella are currently missing payments. The Cincinnati Reds and the Texas Rangers recently joined the Arizona Diamondbacks, Cleveland Guardians and Minnesota Twins among those who have not been paid their most recent rights fees by Diamond, the Bally Sports operator that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the middle of March. Clarity for four of those teams — all but the Reds — might not be determined until the final day of May, at the earliest, at which point a bankruptcy judge will hear Diamond’s claims that those teams should be paid a lesser fee to account for the deterioration of the traditional cable model.”

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A KARE-TV story by Lou Raguse says, “Continuing litigation stemming from one of the most gruesome murders in recent Minneapolis history will now be handled by the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office after an internal memo penned by prosecutors last week laid out the conflict of interest posed by Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty. In the months prior to announcing her campaign, Moriarty assisted in the defense of Brian Flowers, one of the people convicted in the 2008 murder of Katricia Daniels and her 10-year-old son Robert Shepard.”

A KMSP-TV story says, “What does it take to be considered ‘middle class?’ Depends on where you live, of course. In Minneapolis, for example, you’ll obviously need to make much less than you would in San Francisco. By comparison for those two cities alone, incomes ranging from $81,623 to $243,652 in San Francisco are equal to $46,496 to $138,794 in Minneapolis and $44,286 to $132,196 in St. Paul. … Ranked from highest to lowest middle-class income, Minneapolis ranked 41st out of 100 and had a median household income of $69,397. St. Paul, the only other Minnesota city ranked in the study, came in at 51st – with a median household income of $66,098.”

In The Kansas City Star Kaitlyn Alanis says, “An elusive animal rarely captured on camera was recently recorded as it stalked what was nearly its next meal. In the 43-second video shared by the Voyageurs Wolf Project on April 17, a lynx is seen walking past a trail camera in snowy northern Minnesota. The rare wildcat stealthily crept toward a grouse as its tail twitched, much like a house cat ready to pounce. But just as the lynx was about to snatch the game bird from a short distance away, the grouse flew away.”

For David Edwards says, “During an appearance on the War Room podcast, host Steve Bannon asked [Mike] Lindell about the future of artificial intelligence in voting. ‘The artificial intelligence changes everything,’ Bannon opined. ‘You can’t have anything related to a machine have anything to do whatsoever with a vote. It’s got to be a paper freaking ballot.’ Lindell insisted people were ‘coming around’ to agree with his opposition to voting machines. ‘I’ve been saying that for almost two years now or over two years, and with the artificial intelligence, you won’t even be able to catch them,’ he asserted. ‘They’ll know what you’re gonna vote for before you even think it.’ Lindell speculated what would happen ‘if we don’t get rid of these computers and machines in our elections.’ ‘It’s over; it’s over’, the pillow executive said. ‘It’s End Times, everybody. Just pray, everybody. Get as many people to the Lord as you can, and we all go to heaven. This is it.’”