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The Glean

Daily Glean: DFL calls Norm a ‘liar’ — and WCCO pulls a punch

In Thursday’s local news roundup, a DFL official calls Norm Coleman a “liar,” but WCCO stuffs an earlier conclusion that statements like the senator’s are “false.” Also, Oberstar keeps whanging on Pawlenty, and who would lie about a rabbi?

Daily Glean: Filings close, primaries bust out all over

In Wednesday’s local news roundup, state Supreme Court justice gets a double challenge, Dean Barkley gets let go, Tim Pawlenty bundles his way into McCain’s heart, and Minneapolis votes on rubber bullets.

Daily Glean: Minneapolis water: stinky drinky

In Friday’s getaway edition, Minneapolis’s Mississippi-sipping leads to acrid agua. Also, McCain says Minnesota is a battleground — straight talk? And, celebrating a felon.

Daily Glean: Win a date with Obama: illegal in Minnesota?

In Tuesday’s local news roundup, an Obama spiff to campaign donors may run afoul of Minnesota gambling regs. Also, is Norm Coleman wrong about Chinese drilling? And the State Fair is looking out for your wallet and perhaps your arteries.

Daily Glean: Fox9 revels in the voices of anarchy

Local Fox newsies are all over a KFAI radio show featuring folks wanting to shut down the GOP convention. Also: Norm Coleman’s rent deal looks even better, compared with fellow Minnesota reps. And: One in 16 gas pumps dispenses incorrect amounts.

Daily Glean: Strib defaults on payment — and clear headlines

By David Brauer | Tuesday, July 1, 2008
In Tuesday’s local news roundup, the Strib breaks the news of its own loan default but opts for rosier language. Also, the archbishop gets ripped off. And: From an ACORN, a Mike Hatch controversy grows.

Daily Glean: For state schools, higher test scores bring more pain

In Monday’s local news roundup, Minnesota’s standardized test scores are in, and they’re trouble — but not at a school Katherine Kersten criticizes! Also, Minneapolis cops’ cellphone searches and Minnesota’s soldiering construction workers.

Daily Glean: The Timberwolves pass the Mayo with Love

In Friday’s local news roundup, Kevin McHale once again bellies up to draft-day controversy, embarrasing some journalists in the process. Also, Minnesota gun laws are probably safe from the Supreme Court.

Daily Glean: St. Paul’s Ford Ranger: edging out of danger?

In Thursday’s local news roundup, unnamed sources say St. Paul’s Ford plant plant may live to 2011 and beyond. Also, how the Department of Justice blacklisted lawyers who worked for four Minnesota legal groups.

Daily Glean: The local housing market … worse than advertised

In Wednesday’s local news roundup, Twin Cities housing prices drop by amounts only seen in faster-growth areas. Also, the Minneapolis-Hennepin library merger is pricier than expected. And, a local leisure giant cuts jobs.

Daily Glean: Pawlenty VP candidate? Not that much straight talk

By Doug Grow | Friday, June 20, 2008
The Straight Talk Express came roaring through Minnesota, home of a governor who is the “next new generation of leadership.”  But will Tim Pawlenty be the vice presidential candidate?

Daily Glean: Lost-and-found tale brightens the day

By Doug Grow | Thursday, June 19, 2008
In Thursday’s news roundup, the story of the lost being found overwhelms the dreary news of mayhem on every Twin Cities news outlet.