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Video: Mexico feels the recession

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  1. Submitted by Beryl John-Knudson on 04/12/2010 - 10:18 am.

    It’s a sad story…we had a great source of cheap labor when we needed them, eh?

    Seems like some private, non-profit funding resource could be found to help them at least a wee bit…with innovative business start-ups?

    Some good ideas are expressed by creative minds of the village developer/developers as they described their ideas for self-sufficiency; and work for the villagers.

    A good idea and no backers for a self-sustaining alternative to exploitation by us? Sounds like a good neighbor policy to me?

    Sister City organizations exist but too often form ‘clean’ alliances with cities in countries that do not need our help but our ‘admiration’. We wine and dine; form neat exchanges, tourist and educational exchanges. That’s great, but…

    Maybe what we need is ‘Brother City’ exchanges (like in, brother-can-you-spare-a-dime); programs that help reorientate the village into a self-sufficient, alternative business models, as the one local developer suggests in the clip.

    I remember not too long ago when a former mayor of a not too small Minn city, instituted the destuction of a downtown city block to build a high-tech center in the heart of main street for a Swedish firm…who backed out.

    Taxpayers paid the price and eventually they found the missing link…tech center bought out by a private developer and you could say the city made fools of itself and the taxpayer in the process, by sucking up to broken promises from a large, wealthy, foreign investor.

    The village like many as described in the clip were once exploited for cheap labor by us. Now they need a boost to be self-sustaining. Looks like we owe them something?

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