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Secret Service nab White House intruder

The Secret Service arrested a man who scaled the White House fence Tuesday, according to U.S. news reports. Officers evacuated Pennsylvania Avenue, in front of the White House, and the adjacent Lafayette Square.  

President Barack Obama and the First Lady were not in the White House at the time, Secret Service spokesman Max Millen said, CNN reports. 

The man jumped the fence about 6:30 p.m. ET and “ran with his arms outstretched directly toward” Secret Service officers, NBC reports.

A Secret Service spokesman quoted by NBC said:

“He did get farther than most jumpers get. But that’s because he hit the ground running. He didn’t fall, as most of them do.”

During Tuesday’s incident, the officer who spoke to NBC said, Secret Service officers were aware of him as soon as he started climbing the fence and tracked his movements.

The man — who has not been identified — complied with a command by a uniformed officer with a leashed guard dog to stop, and then was taken into custody, Millen said, CNN reports. 

A search of the backpack he was wearing revealed that he was not armed. He will reportedly only be charged with unlawful entry.

Another recent fence-jumping, on Aug. 2, was caught live by CNN, which was filming at the time on the North Lawn.

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