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Number 7 billion likely to be born destitute

As the UN warned that the world’s seven-billionth resident will be born Oct. 31, the Times of India tapped the benighted state of Uttar Pradesh as Number 7 Billion’s likely home.

No one knows what circumstances the baby will be born into, but Uttar Pradesh, with a population that combines that of Britain, France and Germany, provides a snapshot of the challenges it could face. How do we know for sure that it will be born in UP? Well, India has the highest number of babies born every minute, at 51. So the probability of Baby 7 Billion being an Indian is highest. And UP alone has about 11 babies born every minute.

The likelihood is about equally good that Baby 7 Billion will be destitute.  Not only is the birth rate highest among India’s poorest people, but there are more of them to begin with — between two-thirds and three-quarters of the general population.

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