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The daily coronavirus update: 20 more deaths, 481 confirmed cases in Minnesota

Photo: CDC/Alissa Eckert

Another 20 Minnesotans have died of COVID-19, state health officials reported Sunday, bringing the pandemic death toll to 578.

Of the deaths announced Sunday, four people were in their 90s, eight were in their 80s, three were in their 70s, three were in their 60s and two were in their 50s. Fifteen of the people who died were residents of Hennepin County, two lived in Ramsey County and one lived in each of the following counties: Cass, Clay and Washington.

Fifteen of the 20 Minnesotans who died lived in long-term care facilities. So far, 464 of the 578 people who have died in the state were residents of long-term care or assisted living facilities.

The current death toll only includes Minnesotans with lab-confirmed positive COVID-19 tests.

The Minnesota Department of Health also said Sunday there have been 11,271 total confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Minnesota, up 481 from Saturday’s count. Because Minnesota is only now developing the capacity to test everybody with symptoms, the number of confirmed cases of the virus is assumed to be significantly higher. 

The number of positives is expected to increase significantly as Minnesota begins to test more people under an initiative announced in April to test as many as 20,000 Minnesotans per day. Late last month, state officials said anyone with COVID-19 like symptoms should get tested. Previously, tests had been limited to specific populations whose results mattered most for public health.

A total of 111,088 COVID-19 tests have now been completed in Minnesota, though that is an increase of 4,825 from Saturday.

Since the start of the outbreak, 1,657 Minnesotans have been hospitalized and 434 are currently in the hospital, 199 in intensive care. Of the 11,271 confirmed positive cases in Minnesota, 6,882 no longer need to be isolated, which means they are believed to have recovered or have died.

More information on cases can be found here.

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Comments (5)

  1. Submitted by joe smith on 05/11/2020 - 10:27 am.

    With 8 out of every 10 deaths coming from long term care facilities in Minnesota, don’t you think it’s time to open up the rest of the population? If it hasn’t been clear to you for the past 3-4 months that everywhere from Italy to America the elderly are dying, you have not been informed. This lockdown was supposed to be a 2-4 week flatten the curve event, it has been pushed by media and Leftist Governors to stay in your basement until a vaccine is ready.
    America has already lost jobs, wages, businesses, education, homes, lives and our freedoms to COViD 19… Isn’t that enough?

  2. Submitted by ian wade on 05/11/2020 - 11:55 am.

    Congratulations, Joe. You’re now the very same “death panel” that you railed about when the ACA was being debated.

    • Submitted by joe smith on 05/11/2020 - 12:40 pm.

      “Death panel”? Putting 80% of our resources towards the vulnerable is saving lives. Acting like everyone needs to “go to the basement “ because 8 out of 10 deaths in Minnesota are from 85+ year olds with multiple underlying health issues, living in long term care facilities, is silly. A few days ago Walz finally put together a plan for long care patients, better late than never, I guess. Keeping Minnesotans in lockdown because you refuse to acknowledge who is vulnerable to COViD 19, is poor leadership, Governance and reporting . Understanding how to fight a virus for your local citizens, counties and State, makes sense. Fighting the virus in the “one size fits all” manner gets applause from the Lefties but those individuals that can think for themselves want solutions not fear mongering.

      • Submitted by ian wade on 05/11/2020 - 03:53 pm.

        Solutions? Joe, you said it was just the flu. A month ago, you also said that deaths would drop dramatically and that Hydroxychloroquine was the answer.

  3. Submitted by Kevin Schumacher on 05/11/2020 - 07:43 pm.

    I think that if you have confidence in immunity due to chronological age, then you should take every advantage to get out of the basement. If you don’t mind however, please wear a mask…it’s not for you, but for me. Heck, you might even meet a leftist while wearing a mask, or perhaps even a Democratic legislator while doing so, or perhaps even a Fauci, wearing a mask. You can meet some genuinely thoughtful folks while wearing a mask. Drill baby drill.

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