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Can music affect our (and animals’) health?

Whenever I was tempted to lecture my children as they were growing up on the corrupting lyrics of the rock music they were listening to, I thought of Bing Crosby.
My grandfather (according to my mother) had been horrified by the “suggestive” crooning

Supernanny may be on to something

I must say, whenever I’ve seen the ABC reality show Supernanny, I’ve been amazed at how its British star and nanny-extraordinaire, Jo Frost (Mary Poppins had nothing on her, except, maybe, the flying-with-the-umbrella bit), is able to change some chi

An unappetizing picture: Americans are wasting ever more food

Years ago, I read an essay by the English novelist Lawrence Durrell in which he described cooking with a chef whose name and nationality, unfortunately, I’ve forgotten.
What I do remember, however, is how the chef insisted on using every last scrap

Why we yawn remains a mystery, but theories abound

Before you finish reading this article, you’ll probably yawn.
That is, if you haven’t already done so, just from reading the headline.
As we all know, yawning is very contagious — so much so, that even thinking or reading about yawning can trigger th

Common chemical in plastic linked to male sexual problems

The manufacturers of bisphenol-A (BPA), the controversial compound found in literally thousands of consumer products (including many food containers), took a big PR blow last week with the publication of a new study linking BPA with male sexual dysfu

Why some people will say no to the H1N1 vaccine

Although reports from the state health department indicate that the most recent wave of H1N1-related illnesses may be cresting, no one knows when enough vaccine will be produced for everyone.

Can playing outside keep kids from becoming nearsighted?

Whether you call it an epidemic or not (epidemic is a term that gets tossed around a bit too casually these days), there’s no denying the fact that the rates at which people are being diagnosed with nearsightedness (myopia) is truly astoundi