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How BigPharma uses medical journal articles as marketing tools

An article recently published in the open-access journal PLoS Medicine suggests a disturbing explanation for why physicians are often reluctant to change how they advise and treat their patients even when the evidence overwhelming points to the fact

Does success have more to do with grit than genes?

In his Frontal Cortex column this week at Wired, science writer Jonah Lehrer explores an intriguing question: What causes people to be successful at something, whether it’s hitting a golf ball or playing the piano or trading stocks?
You need talent

Dancing on his own: Rare case of ‘beat deafness’ identified

The beat may go on (as Sonny and Cher so famously sang), but apparently not with any kind of rhythm that makes sense to 23-year-old “Matthieu.”
In fact, he gives entire new meaning to Swedish singer Robyn’s hit song “Dancing on My Own.”
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Health illiteracy and the appeal of magic

I’m reading a charming book this week called “The Book of English Magic.” The adjective charming is apt on several levels, for the book not only has a seductively pleasing tone, but it also frequently talks about “charmers,” including magic